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Dane DeHaan didn’t looked like a goblin anywhere near as much as Dafoe does. :slight_smile:


That rubber mask would work well in MCU, you just have an in-universe horror film where the mask originates from and Ben’s your uncle.



Wind resistant polymer designed for piloting the glider?


That looks like a cartoon goblin… for some reason…


[quote=“steveuk, post:912, topic:10028, full:true”]
Old story, but interesting. I know Osborne Snr.'s a super-science, genius, madman but the idea that he had time to make a talking rubber mask while plotting his evil schemes…? [/quote]

Absolutely. It’s just that it was originally intended for exclusive use in the bedroom before Spider-Man came along.


It’s a believable coincidence! It could have been the source of his psychosis or the Goblin persona. Maybe it was a failed face mask thing which deteriorated to look Goblin-esque. Or he resculpted it to match his Goblin thing. I don’t think it’s any less plausible than the one we got.


Or he’s a Lord of the Rings cosplayer on weekends.


That would explain the manic stare and talking to himself.





Fun little Easter egg from Homecoming:




Despite a few setbacks, Oswalt is on that Serkis path of being an OmniDude. (That’s like being the Dude without the need for bowling.)


Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops featured in first X-Men: Dark Phoenix set photo


This does not bode well. Interesting that the last name is Strucker, though.



First official poster for The Punisher Netflix series.