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I’ll save you all a click…she was picking up a dime bag.



Is it that old mask concept?
It’s a good mask but what they went with was better cause you got to see Dafoe’s actual eyes and mouth behind the visors.


Old story, but interesting. I know Osborne Snr.'s a super-science, genius, madman but the idea that he had time to make a talking rubber mask while plotting his evil schemes…? I can see why they dropped it and when with armour. Even mad goblin armour.

Movies do this a lot, they spend money on a thing that sounds cool or interesting or even right and then… they realise it isn’t what the film needs, so it gets cut or, at least, changed.


The Ultimate version (where Norman actually mutates into a goblin creature) would have been an interesting way to take it, and would have played up the Jekyll and Hyde element.


You are not alone on this one. I chalk Avengers down on my list of things that everyone likes but I don’t so much, which on here is along with Lego Movie and Kingsman. I don’t dislike it, but I find a lot of it extremely boring and I say that as a huge fan of Whedon (Buffy is probably my favourite tv show ever).

I also went to see Avengers with a group of friends, the most of us who hadn’t been to the cinema together in years.
I fell asleep for a good portion of the movie, as did my friend next to me.

I will caveat that by admitting that both of us had sunk about 8 or 9 pints that day.

I watched it again when it come out on DVD, with my wife and I had the same problem. My wife was bored out her face and I just totally switched off with all the technobabble, which I thought plagued the movie. The teaseract stuff i find beyond mind numbing and and I found it far too long.
I fell asleep again watching it, this time no alcohol involved.

There was a lot to like in it though, some really memeorable moments. It’s a 6/10 movie in my head, that would have been 8 or 9 if they’d cut out all the sleep inducing moments.
It’s nowhere near as poor as Age of Ultron though, which both my friend and I left the cinema actually angry about, because it was so needlessly long and tiresome.

None of this is retroactive for me, I think I posted the same shit at the time it came out.


I think I remember seeing that quote on the Blu-Ray cover.


They are more like vanilla and excrement :wink:


I’ll ignore your Predator comment to say that Iron Man Three is probably Marvel’s finest moment, although a toss up between that and Winter Soldier (and maybe Spider-Man Homecoming)

I’d need to watch all 3 again to decide.

Right now this thread is making me want to go back to the start and do a rewatch of the entire Marvel back catalogue and refresh my memory to see if it affects my ranking at all.


See that’s the kind of shit they shouldn’t even bother to explain, tbh… The “hyper-realism” of the early 2000’s have kind of fucked it all up in terms of hand-holding audiences through every single thing. Maybe he had it from an old halloween party, maybe he just pulled it out of his ass… who cares? as long as it looks better than the crap they ended up with, we should be okay and suspend our disbelief just a bit more in a movie about a teenager with superpowers due to a radioactive mutant spider or whatever… I mean, the armor ended up as a “oh how convenient” kind of thing anyways… so what was the point? =/


How can you be so right:

Yet so wrong:

Beffudling… u_u


Now I’m wishing that they had Norman played by Christopher Walken.


What they ended up with was fine, not crap.

That talking mask looks cool but it wouldn’t have worked.


The whole costume was pretty bad, tbh… looked more like an Iron Man suit…

Humm let me see… this?

or this?

Yeah, no I’m gonna go with the second… u_u

Also, funny thing I just realised, but no way they had that goblin techno mask all ready to go in the lab… Norman would’ve still had to make one or modify one :smile:


I’d go with the first - because as I said, Willem Dafoe’s actual eyes and mouth are enough to convey Green Goblin.

He doesn’t need some animatronic mask to do what he can already do.


Well yeah, but 2 things, you see his eyes through the mask like just a very few times, when it’s not a stunt double inside the costume… you don’t see them that well either anyways, I don’t see how much it makes his acting shine, tbh. Also, he looks like an alien with the double set of teeth…

Aaaand, he still takes off the mask at some point anyway, so that would’ve been the same with any mask… I don’t buy that argument, sorry =P


Oh, and the scenes where he’s talking to the mask would have come off way more goony if it was some hyper detailed latex affair instead of a helmet.



The sad thing though, is that even if the use the GG once again in the new movies, they’ll probably go with CGI this time, facial mo-cap… which is a shame when you see how fricking cool that animatronic mask is =(


It feels like we’re all missing the obvious solution here.


Didn’t we already go down that road in ASM2 and Gobby Jr?