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Those suits function for the types of movies they are. BvS is more straight out of a comic book and the suit looks the part. Dark Knight is one step away from our reality so the suit looks more like what a real life Batman would put together.


Nice save, P


What’s wrong with “Girl Power: The Movie?” Damn near every other superhero flick has been “Male-Power-Fantasy: The Movie” or “Compensating for Fragile-Masculinity: The Movie.”

I don’t see any problem with playing up themes of female empowerment in a movie about a super powered female.


The message doesn’t feel as timely as it did a year or two ago. And it is obviously a bit rich for Marvel, who are now 11 years and 20+ films into their cinematic universe and just now introducing a female lead, to play the “girl power” card.


It may not feel timely to you, white male. To a ten year old girl, I would imagine it feels timely as hell.


WAIT!!! You’re a 10 year girl?!? I had been operating all this time thinking you’re an adult male. :exploding_head:


My secret is out…damnit…


Finally Millarworld is no longer the sausage party we feared it had become!


While I don’t know what my race has to do with it, that is a fair point. I was thinking more of the adult sphere than the kids.

The marketing does seem somewhat pandering and cynical from an adult perspective, especially given Marvel’s history with women characters, but it is true that it is a nice gesture for kids.


I think 10 year old girls in Millarworld is probably not the most appropriate way to solve that issue.


As a third season of the Schwartz and Stephanie Savage created Marvel’s Runaways seems a sure bet, Hulu is hoping to strongly up its Marvel game and to resurrect the reputation of the acerbic Howard The Duck , who got plucked in that terrible 1986 feature film, as part of its big programming chess move. The HTD series based on the cigar chomping character first introduced in the comics in 1973 will be stewarded by Clerks kingpin Kevin Smith, along with Dave Willis. Both will executive produce the series with Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb.

Ex-Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler shifts over to Hulu for Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show , which she will EP and write with Erica Rivinoja. Like every one of the new series, Loeb will also serve as an EP on the show of the politically progressive Tigra and Dazzler as they try to get their superpowered heads, hands and hearts around life in the City of Angels.

Josh Gordon and Will Speck plus Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum are the respective driver’s seats for Marvel’s Hit-Monkey and Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. The former centers on a supervillain with ego and family issues, while the latter tracks a pissed off Japanese snow monkey who tries to take on and take down Tokyo’s crime underworld with the ghost of an American assassin by his side.

All four series will cross paths in the Marvel’ The Offenders special, which Jeph Loeb is executive producing in what is a major expansion of Marvel TV.



Interesting to see Marvel going big on Hulu instead of putting this stuff on Disney+. I guess it’ll be a bit more mature content than what Disney+ is willing to deal with?


Yeah, it all sounds very Adult Swim-ish.


It’s also probably because of Loeb. The Disney+ stuff is all Feige, with no Loeb involvement.


If Marvel is going to do some adult-ish animated Marvel series, they should go back and revive the Donald Glover Deadpool series that they allegedly nixed last year.


What is marketing but pandering to an audience to incite them to buy a product?

And as to what your/our race has to do with it is that white males have comfortably had our fantasies fed and catered to for at least my entire life, while other demographics have been left twisting in the wind. As white males, we are kinda spoiled in terms of epic entertainment. Other demographics have like, not a lot to choose from.

I’m thrilled they are playing up the girl power aspect of the movie. It’s not an idea with a short shelf life.


Lord of the Rings didn’t really pander to dwarves, elves and hobbits. Guardians weren’t catering to the tree people. Sometimes telling a story is just telling a story. I think it’s pretty clear that Disney like to push the ‘look at us being progressive’ button as part of their social media play, often going against the facts in a cynical ploy to just earn more money (we’ll hear many times that this is the first women led superhero movie, sometimes with the ‘from Marvel’ qualifier). And it’s clear that it works for them as internet dwellers love their ‘rise against the white male oppressors’ war cry. I don’t think Wonder Woman was quite as obvious as Marvel is being, even though it took advantage of the same wave of progressiveism. Black Panther was certainly in this camp, and look at all the money it made them.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating progress in movies. Nothing really wrong with twisting facts to work your narrative I guess. Nothing really wrong with shamelessly using diversity as a sales tool I either. But can’t we point out that it’s a bit cynical and manipulative?


I don’t know that pointing out how great it is that Black Panther is the first time many kids got to see a movie starring a hero who looks like them, or that Captain Marvel will only be the second time in the last decade and a half that girls and women have the same requires a qualifier that corporations are ultimately motivated by profit. I’d guess the ten year old girl seeing Captain Marvel punching a space ship doesn’t care about that. And, sure, we’ve had Elektra, Catwoman, Blade, Meteor Man, and Hancock, but the most recent of those was 2008, when your average high school student was a toddler. These films certainly aren’t the first, but they’re, sadly, still rare enough to make a big deal of, and they’re being made at a time when superhero films are the most popular genre.


like this

thanks @Mike


“Why are you wearing a girl’s costume?”
“Well, kids, the real Captain Mar-Vell was a man, this woman is just some second-string pretender trying to do a man’s job.”