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At least one of those almost happened.


It just looks so cumbersome to me. I’ll believe a man can fly. But I doubt that that Batman could even make it out the Batcave. Never mind jumping around the Gotham rooftops.


And yet they made it work in what is the most bad-ass fighting sequence Batman’s ever gotten on-screen.


It looks like the suit is unsuccessfully trying to hide Batman’s beer gut.


Matt Damon is underneath it.


The codpiece does look abnormally large.


Maybe he needs it.


Nah, we seen it recently when DC comics broke the internet for a day. It’s definitely not that.


Article otherwise know as “Why CBR clickbait articles are a terrible idea”


Affleck not Batman. :wink:


We all saw Gone Girl. :sunglasses:


Was that before or after the part I fell asleep?


You fell asleep in Gone Girl??? I don’t think we can be friends anymore.


I’m kidding, I didn’t.

I just wish I had.


Other than being incredible, it was filmed near my hometown. I actually know a couple of the extras.


Luckily I found the settings and extras to be one of the movie’s only saving graces. :wink:



Yeah, it looks like he is impatiently waiting to be served at Toby Carvery.


Finally, a trailer that makes the central and most important point; she’s done with their shit.


Man, at this point they should just rename it “Girl Power: The Movie”… I hope the movie isn’t as hamfisted as these trailers.