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So, out of four test screenings of the long cut, three of them had no one leave for bathroom breaks. Hopefully a good sign.



I’ve enjoyed the music they’ve used, I love this song from when I was in high school and the techno-y TV spot is great too “Higher, further, faster,” being used that way like you’d hear in dance music.


I don’t think anyone’s posted this yet, if they have I missed it.


They’re really good at making advertising fun, those two. I actually want to try some of that gin now.


And that’s down to the advertising, right?


That’s fucking hilarious even being telegraphed as much as it was.


I know, it’s their delivery, it’s brilliant. They know you know the joke is stupid but throw themselves into it anyway. They’re the hollywood equivalent if dad jokes, its great!


It’s a lot like the Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel feud which is also hilarious.


I agree I love that. My favourite was Afflecks trench coat. Even now it’s making me laugh thinkjng about it.




I know Zac Effron has been suggested as Wolverine, but does anyone else think he kinda looks like Trevor Fitzroy here?


With the floppy, coloured, curly hair and the beard, Fitzroy is probably the most 2010’s Marvel character of all time. I’m sure I seen him DJing 4 or 5 times times last year.


Were you looking in a mirror?




Favreau replacing Gunn would be Peyton Reed replacing Edgar Wright. There are some surface similarities and strengths, but Favreau hasn’t really demonstrated the visual creativity that Gunn brought to GotG.


I’m not sure why Batman wants his costume to looked ripped and vascular. Is he entering a bodybuilding contest but too shy to wear speedos?


I don’t think they would have cast a black man as Nick Fury in the 90s. It needed Millar and Hitch to break that ground first.


Speedos are stupid… =)

Also, nah sorry, Batfleck’s costume (in BvS) is the best-looking SH costume so far… How is this not straight up from a comicbook page?