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It screws up their process. 15 mins is long enough to pee, maybe get a refill but not stand in line for a refresher for much food. They might get some extra sales, but honestly I think their biggest bang is showings. 3 hours+ is 2 showings max on one screen per day, 2.5 hours would give them 3 showings. They’ll have as many screens as they can of course, but given the expected demand they’ll always want more showings particularly in the first 3 weeks.



Gods & Generals (the Gettysburg sequel) had an intermission. I could look it up, but I think that was 2003 or 2004. Lawrence of Arabia has an intermission.


Kingdom of Heaven DC has an interlude (an intro too), which is a bit silly since it only got released on disc IIRC =P



The early 80s was when they were dying out in the UK and Ireland. Intermissions were quite common before then and the biggest motivator was selling ice creams. They’d have trays that hung around the neck and walk around the auditorium (as seen on the right here).

Nearly all cinemas by that time had projectors where there was no requirement to change reels and films were delivered on single reel or with automatic twin reel projectors. In fact that had been the case for quite a long time. In 1989 my friend’s cinema had an exact replica re-release of the famously long Gone With The Wind for its 50th anniversary and the intermission music is actually on the reel. They kept the film running but only the soundtrack played from a blank central frame for the pictures for 10 minutes, they just closed the curtains. So reel changing had not been required by many cinemas as far back as 1939.

The reason intermissions died is scheduling, up until the late 70 and into the 80s nearly all cinemas were single hall, single screen and single film which they’d show in continuous performances all day . As revenue fell a lot tried to jam in more films and more showings and split their halls into 2 or 3 screens, put a family film in the big screen for a matinee and then switch it around for the adult thriller at night (this process started maybe a decade earlier in the US). My cinema GM friend Alex will tell you 75% of the job of a cinema manager now is scheduling, staffing has reduced and so much is automated those areas have got easier.

So Jim is right when he says the exhibitors will hate the idea but with Infinity War having made $2bn they basically hold all the cards. Disney could ask the theatre managers to do a dance in the intermission to secure the film and they probably would.


Is that fan art because it’s terrible.


I got it from CBR, who got it from here:




Nick Fury is going to feel pretty stupid when he realises he’s wearing two eyepatches at once.


from the article

After the panel, Nix told SYFY WIRE that in terms of the current season, it was about “factions,”

I am not a fan of this. I may stop watching because my idea of the X men is a “us against them” idea.

Season 1 put together a new mutant team but season 2 is about splitting them apart.

IMO, it is like he wrote GSXmen 1 then within 2 or 3 issues had Nightcrawler join the morlocks, Storm and Banshee join the Hellfire Club, and Colossus go off on his own, leaving Wolverine and Cyclops alone. I know John is Thunderbird but Thunderbird died too quickly to be used in the analogy.


I haven’t liked that aspect of season 2, but I’m sticking with it on the assumption that it’s a “break them down and put them back together stronger” arc and the payoff will be worth it.

If it’s not worth it, I might jump ship before season 3.


Overall, I have not liked the direction of Season 2 of The Gifted though I will stick with it to the end.

I think splitting up everyone was a mistake. That feels like something that would be done around Season 3 or 4. Season 1 was the introduction and Season 2 should have explored the bonds and relationships between characters. The split happened too quickly.


from the same article

"As far as the show’s future goes, Nix said, “We don’t know about a Season 3. I guess we’ll find out at Upfronts.” "

the “break them down and put them together stronger” arc might work if there is a powerful villian out there but i don’t see one. The Purifiers are so weak and Reeva is not that strong to force that kind of response.


Well, Guardians 2 was a big deal weaker than the first one, but he’s still the guy who has made the best space adventure movies in twenty years (or longer), so, you know.

It’ll be interesting to see who goes for the job - I’d guess many of the obvious candidates feel the same as Waititi.


It might have worked if the season was 10 or 12 episodes (or if it was a story resolved mid-season), but it’s been far too padded out for what it is. I highly doubt there will be a season 3 and that’s okay at this point. Because I also kind of find myself annoyed every time they bring up the X-Men. It was fine to keep their absence vague in season 1, but at this point either stop bringing them up or explain to me why they’re no longer around.


That’s another thing that doesnt work as well this season – the story is dragging on too long. One thing I liked about season 1 was that although there were overarching subplots, most episodes had a basically complete main plot – set up the peril, resolve it by the end of the episode. This season feels more like a 20-hour movie.



Unless she’s more powerful than Thor I don’t see how is that even a concern…