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‘Dances with Wolves’ had an intermission.

And I believe it had an overture as well?


The original purpose of intermissions was to change reels, and later became about selling concessions. Changing reels became an issue in the 50’s with 3D movies. They could get away without intermissions for normal films, because they can have the second half lined up on a second projector, but with 3D films they needed both projectors so it was not an option.

I read that they still do intermissions in theaters in India, mainly to sell concession items. Most Western movies aren’t really long enough to warrant intermissions, but they do them for Western films as well. Most Bollywood movies are made for it.


It’s possible, but I read a while back that The Black Hole and Star Trek: The Motion Picture were the last two which had overtures.


What would they do for an overature though? I can’t even imagine what that would be. Like some sort of introduction?

EDIT: I googled it.

I dig the overature. I’d much rather have that before a film than a set of stupid trivia questions blasted too loud, on repeat.


There’s no way whatsoever Disney would release a movie with an intermission. The thee hour run time will already annoy cinemas, but an intermission on top of that is an insane idea. Cinema chains would just demand a non-intermission version.


The 40 mm version of Hateful Eight had an overture but that was meant to be a throwback.


Wow you people severly overestimate Gunn… :smile:

Anyways… I’d rather they didn’t use Gunn’s script and have some new blood, and continue the franchise from there.

Also, yeah there’s not gonna be an intermission, no way cinemas will go for that. The movie should be around 2.5 hours with the remaining 30 mins for credits… that sounds ok. You can always skip the end credits, or just go pee and come back to see it.


Information is sometimes still sketchy, even for late 20th Century things.

I did a quick Google search to check and found a forum post with someone saying ‘Dances with Wolves’ didn’t have an intermission.

Well, it did at my local cinema, which was not an NFT or BFI etc., just a local.

But even I’m not sure if there was an overture.


I vaguely recall an intermission in Jedi. Or at least some movie my dad took me to and we didn’t go to a whole lot of them when I was that young.



IIIRC, 2001 had an overture and Gone with the Wind had an intermission.


If someone opens their phone, and I catch the light out the side of my eye. It takes me out of the movie for a minute…So the whole movie stopping, the house lights coming up, and everyone rushing out to take a piss…Well, that’s a bloody nightmare scenario.


I agree. I think the second film made clear that he works best with another screenwriters input helping the process along. (Though most of his solo film scripts had already done that.)


That’s from November.


That’s so weird. It showed up in my news app as new.

Well in case anyone missed it back in November:


Well, I’m sure they’d dim the lights again for the inevitable mid-intermission scene. It is a Marvel movie after all.


I’m not sure theaters would mind an intermission as much as Disney would. In the first few weeks most of the box office goes to the studio, not the theater. An intermission reduces showings but adds a second concession selling opportunity to each of those.

And let’s be honest, multiplexes will have as many showings as they can. It’ll be other movies that have fewer screenings as result.


Yeah, I think theaters will be thrilled that a huge ass movie is coming out, intermission or not, regardless of length.


I would think an intermission would add to the run time and would cut into the number of showings per day per screen.


That’s the problem.

It’s not new, but adding an intermission might enable them to sell more popcorn etc., which would be compensation.