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A dump?


Tweet, for most. (Not me, I hasten to add.)


The point of intermission is to go have a cigarette and not enough people smoke anymore to make it worthwhile.

There are plenty of small pee breaks throughout Avengers movies. They’re called Hawkeye scenes.


They’re called Ronin scenes now.


Actually I’m not sure that fully scans, in the days when intermissions were common (for everything apart from maybe Heat mentioned here) you could smoke in the cinema anyway.


Youtube reaction video?


At my local they always tell me “there’s still time to grab a coke”.

…which would then mean I would need an intermission, so I ignore their advice :confused:




While I’m glad they’ll allegedly be using his script, that decision makes him being fired as director even more ridiculous.


They should call Joss Whedon. You can’t save the galaxy alone.


Yeah, it’s incredibly insincere. But it’s good that there will be consistently in the trilogy. I reckon this will be the last Guardians movies, after it I think they’ll continue the characters in a different manner (like Solo movies or as cameos in other movies).


They could just modify the team. Rocket and Groot are CGImmortal, and there’s a wealth of cosmic characters to choose from to fill out the group. It is too good of a brand to just let go. I suspect there will be more Guardians in our future after vol. 3. It might take a while, but Marvel has options with this one.


I don’t remember Jedi having an intermission when I saw it in the theater as a kid. Maybe some of this is regional/theater specific.


It might have been a specific thing over here, but I distinctly remember an intermission at the point Luke and Leia had their heart-to-heart on Endor - it was the first time I’d been at a film that had one. And I was at other kids films in that cinema in the early 80s that didn’t have one.


I cannot recall ever seeing a movie in a theater with an intermission.

In the very early days of HBO back in the 1970s, I remember staying up late to watch the movie The Other Side of Midnight. (I was probably 10 years old at the time.) Back in those days, HBO ran from about 5:00 pm to maybe around 1:00 am each day. HBO put a 15-minute intermission in the middle of the movie.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia about the movie:

According to the documentary Empire of Dreams , the book’s popularity was anticipated to translate to success at the box office, and 20th Century Fox heavily promoted the film. At the same time, the studio was promoting Star Wars, which was gaining controversy for its growing expense.

Fearing that Star Wars would flop, the studio made a peremptory decision to grant prints of The Other Side of Midnight —a 2-hour-45-minute-long feature with sex and nudity—only to those theaters that agreed to book Star Wars as well.

Ultimately, despite critical acclaim, The Other Side of Midnight proved to be bested in the box office. Although a modest hit, its success was "nothing like Star Wars ": Despite a higher budget, Star Wars ultimately grossed a then-record $221 million in the United States and Canada in its first run[3] and eventually spawned a multimedia franchise that continues to this day; The Other Side of Midnight earned $24 million.


It’s possible, but they haven’t gone beyond a third film for anybody. I agree that there’s a high chance they will remain guest stars, but Guardians 4? No chance.


Something tells me intermissions had more to do with selling concessions or possibly changing reals for theaters with only one projector.


The cinema I saw Jedi in was one of the few Dublin ones that had never been reconfigured at the time.

(on a side note, the history of Dublin cinemas is fascinating, we took to the media in a big way and there were something like 12 on O’Connell Street alone in the early 20th century.)


I’m thinking something like The Adventures of Rocket & Groot kind of a thing. It’s a really strong brand but after 3 movies most brands need a shake up of some kind. Plus this third movie will have Gunn’s shadow looking all over it, and I think Disney will want to move away from that. If Gunn had stayed I could see the Guardians brand lasting for 6+ movies.


I can only think of two. My Fair Lady had one when it was rereleased in theaters in the 90s and the Hateful Eight. Both were limited to a few venues though.