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Just get Disney to release it straight to their streaming service and you old guys can all pause it whenever you want.


Yes, you and Dave see it like me (I agree with the “wait and see” sentiment). I don’t agree with comparing it to stuff like Heat, 2001, or LOTR as I don’t believe the Marvel movies are remotely in that league. Mileage may vary.

Earlier this week I rewatched Seven Samurai which is 3 hours and 20 minutes long, but it’s deep and rich, like reading a great novel. Cap and Tony teaming up to beat Thanos…I don’t know, I think you can keep that under three hours.

We’ll see how Marvel handles it but there’s also the matter of the final battles in these superhero films being the worst parts. So a whole movie, or even a good portion of a 3+ hour movie, given over to a big battle sounds pretty boring to me. The last times franchises broke off the big battles into their own epic movies (Deathly Hallows 2, the Hobbit 3), the movies ended up being pretty stinky. And those were made by (imo) better directors, too.

We’ll see, as you say. The fight scenes with Tony/Strange and Thanos were pretty neat in the first one so that’s a promising omen.


How on Earth are they going to fill 3 hours? It it going to be a whole heap of MacGuffin quests? A three hour runtime suggests a very padded story.


I recently was at the cinema with a mate and sung “Let’s all go to the lobby” and when I told him I knew it because it was on before films when I started going to my local cinema and he laughed for, like, an hour.

He asked was it before or after the “News from the Front.”


I presume they’ll need to take some time to establish the new world post-Thanos, then reintroduce the remaining heroes, have them come together to take action to reverse the snap, find out how to do that, bring the dead heroes back, then take the fight to Thanos, have a big fight and defeat him… That sounds like a two-hour superhero movie to me.

But then with all the nostalgic callbacks and revisiting of past glories that we’re bound to see for this movie (as the big climax of the MCU), whatever big retirements/deaths they’re going to include for key characters, plus all the stage-setting it’s bound to do for the next phase, I can easily see how they’d hit three hours.

Just properly servicing the entire (giant) cast is going to take a certain amount of time.


My guess is they will get it right, as usual, and this is just another promo story from the gazillion we’ve seen and will see before the film comes out. People spend hours with these characters at home, most won’t think much about the duration.




Explosive decompression?


I’m not sure it’s that connected to length as intermissions just used to be more of the norm in the past. They used to have ushers placed in the theatre to sell more ice cream in the break.

2001 is actually only 2h 29m I always like when Mark Kermode puts it context.

“Stanley Kubrick went from the beginning of civilization to the birth of a new species in just over two hours” …followed by an unkind comparison that a Transformers or Pirates movie has a longer running time.


“Explosive” makes decompressed storytelling sound a lot more exciting than it actually is :expressionless:


Hopefully with lots of shots of waterfalls and exploding fire hydrants and people in Flushing Meadows not turning off their taps. Just to really take the piss.


Establishing the new reality should take 15 minutes. Coming up with a plan and reconnecting everyone another 15 minutes. An hour in MacGuffin questing. And say 30 minutes with a Thanos fight. That still leaves over an hour of shit they’re piling in here. It feels like what they tried to do with the Hobbit, where there really wasn’t enough story to fill the time and it got tedious quickly.

The Marvel movies are far from flawless. We tend to skip over the flaws, but Avengers was a drag for most of the movie until the NY fight. Ultron was a drag with the Korea stuff, South Africa stuff and Klaw diversion. Infinity War had the Thor subplot taking up huge undeserved amounts of time. Marvel aren’t good at tight stories, and they resort to macguffin side quests a lot. Which in the case of Black Panther or Thor 3 can be the most interesting part of the movie, but they can also be terrible.

My hope is that most of the side quests are off Earth. Cap in space could be really fun. Rocket will no doubt elevate every scene he’s in. Still though if I were Disney I’d be aiming for a 2 hour run time. It feels right for what’s left to be told.


An intermission for a three hour plus movie with previews as well? I may have to wait for DVD or take a colostomy bag in with me.
I don’t think I’d sit through a Batman movie starring me if it was three hours.


Have Disney forgot their market is partly little kids? (who don’t have the best bladder control).


Infinity War was 2 1/2 hours. Doesn’t at all surprise me that Endgame is probably 20 to 30 minutes longer. when they’re trying to wrap up their 20+ movie epic. I doubt Disney is too concerned that it will keep people away from the theater.


To be fair, I brought up those movies with intermissions to point out that having one doesn’t make a bad movie. Endgame will be good or bad by virtue of being a good or bad movie, not because there’s enough time for a pee break in the middle.


A half hour longer than Infinity War isn’t bad. If kids could sit through that, they can and will sit through this, especially if there’s a lot going on on the screen. This movie has 20 movies’ of loose ends to wrap up, a ton of beloved characters to say farewell (?) to, and presumably present the audience with thebiggest superhero setpieces ever put to film, while giving time to around 20 plus characters. This is the culmination of probably the most massive and ambitious undertaking in cinema history, so three hours seems appropriate.

And while I get that pee breaks might be a thing for small children, you know what you do in that circumstance? You take three minutes to take your kid to pee and you come back. This doesn’t seem difficult to me. Catch the three minutes that you missed on the next go round.

Also, I am still convinced that the big bad isn’t Thanos, it is Red Skull, and that will need time to set up. I think.


I would expect them to manage much better than the adults who had three pints in the bar first.



Isn’t that the point of the intermission (if they really have one)? You have time to go for a pee.

Since they no longer have ushers with an ice cream tray I’m not sure what else you are supposed to do in the gap.