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Unknown? Parks made waves in American TV, and is probably in the top three most famous male American actors of Asian descent at the moment, along with Ken Jeong and maybe Daniel Dae Kim.


John Cho is more well-known than any of those. Park’s good, but only big film role was The Interview, which never properly came out.


I’m not married to the top three I’ve listed, but a) I did mention that park’s made a name for himself in TV, and can’t really be called unknown, and b) john cho’s career has really sputtered. He’s still in films, but aside from Star Trek and one off performances in a couple of tv shows, can you name anything else he’s done in the last ten years? Randall Park is a rising star, who’s shown a pretty wide range in his roles. I’m stoked at his announcement and think he’ll be awesome. Hopefully the part will be prominent in the film.


I really liked Selfie, the TV show he did with Karen Gillan.

It was also just announced he’s going to be one of the main characters in S2 of CBS’s The Exorcist TV show.


He was great in Selfie.

I have nothing against Park, he plays a great sitcom dad, but there’s always something a bit forced in his acting. Hope he can handle this film role.


Have you seen him in veep?

Well that’s pretty neat! I always had hoped he’d do more.


Nope, but I have seen him in Fresh off the Boat (all eps I like the show), Wet Hot American Summer Season 1, and the Interview.

Is he really that much better in Veep?


Well, it’s a totally different role. He plays a deceptive, aggressive and strong presidential candidate, and I think he was great in it, almost no comedy in the role, too. But I also find him the most charming part of FotB, though it’s a close race with Constance Wu.


Well, that sounds pretty good then.


Hum… not really, no… I’d go with John Cho, BD Wong, Hiroyuki Sanada (who’s everywhere =P) as the current top 3 and sure Ken Jeong & Daniel Dae Kim, but I’ve honestly never seen Randall Park in anything (or nothing I can remember him in at least), so yeah I’d say that’s pretty “unkown” =/

I would’ve prefered John Cho, tbh… he looks more like what I imagine Jimmy Woo to be like. Plus he’s more famous, so he’s “less risky” to lead a movie.


It’s an Ant-Man and Wasp movie. Woo might have a decent-sized role, but he’ll be behind Rudd, Lilly, and Douglas at least.

Also, if we’re talking Asian actors, I hope Steven Yeun gets more work now that he’s off Walking Dead. He’s great in Okja.


Oh yeah, I didn’t remember his name, Glenn from TWD… also the guy playing Karnak (whose name I also forgot) is quite famous.

But yeah, I mean I get it’s gonna be a minor role, and he’ll be an agent of SHIELD, but hey, an ATLAS movie would be a good idea, so as far as I’m concerned, they should hedge their bets just in case… Or they could always recast I guess… Or maybe he’s good enough for the role =P

Also, even if he’s just a minor character, I doubt you have to do much these days to convince any actor to be part of the monolithic MCU at this point. Who’d turn that down? :smile:


facepalm not sure how I forgot Yeun!

@Jacowboy don’t forget, just because you don’t know an actor doesn’t mean they’re unknown :wink:




For sure, but he’s nowehre near the top 3, I’m sorry… I mean, I checked his IMDB page, he hasn’t done much so far, not compared to the others I mentioned.

ha! I know right? His name is not recognizable, but his mug is:


Shingen in “The Wolverine”


I’m still drawing a blank


And Lost, and Helix, and the Last Ship, and Extant… as for movies, yeah The Wolverine, more famously the Last Samurai, 47 Ronin, Sunshine… even Speed Racer :smile:


Who was he in Speed Racer?
Not the japanese racer right?
Cause that guy was…very fair faced.


Me too.

It’s been some time since I’ve seen The Wolverine and I don’t recall him.