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It’s the closest thing to Supreme Power, but I don’t know if it’ll be as clever as Supreme Power. It looks like it’s quite quickly going for straight horror and it’s full of tropes and cliches around both that genre and Superman. That adds up to a cool idea that may not be a very good movie.


Yeah, turning the Superman concept into a horror genre movie is clever and fun, but I think it stops there - with a horror movie version, and that’s all it’ll be.


No, I just meant from the imagery. The plot will not be in Supreme Power’s league, it’s just Superman as Jason and I’m fine with that.



I still miss Agent Carter.


You mean Hayley Atwell :wink:


It can be two things! :smile:


I wonder what it was?


Oh ok. I honestly thought it might be a fan-made thing because of all the Superman tropes, like “This is what Man of Steel should have been” or something. Except it wasn’t being blatant enough for that.


Setting aside all the plot twists, though, we can always count on Legion to deliver a dazzling array of trippy visuals, like last season’s epic dance battle. Hawley says “there will be no more dance battles” in the final season, “but that is not to say there will be no more battles that aren’t about fighting. That’s all I will say.”


Heh. It’ll be hard to top the battles they did last season, after the dance and that final battle that was a song/animation battle.

At this point though, I am convinced that Hawley can and will do anything on this show.


With all due empathy to @rocket:


With that final battle, I could picture Hawley sitting back and thinking, “What could I do to really make @davidm very happy?”


While this doesn’t guarantee that Ryan Reynolds would continue in the role, it probably makes it a bit more likely. Especially since the character would lend itself to any kind of meta-dissonance.


Bet they release the movies exclusively on their streaming service.


Last I heard they said they want Disney+ to be all ages and Hulu would be a place for more mature content. Obviously that could change but I don’t see them passing up the $700-800 million Deadpool has been bringing in just yet.


My guess would be that they’d go with a Miramax-style branding and keep them separate from the MCU (and maybe standalone franchises). One of their considerations might be that there wasn’t really any pushback against R-rated superhero films by the general public, or parents taking their kids to see Deadpool thinking it was going to be just like Doctor Strange.

If they did go the cinematic universe route, it would be interesting (though unlikely) if that’s how they decided to handle the X-Men. FF integrates into the MCU pretty easily, mutants less so. Giving them their own universe and making it a more darker-tinged style of films could work.


Hm, the first sign that this movie could be pretty bad…


Yeah, either shorten the run time or don’t put an intermission.


How hard can it be to get it to down to 2:30 and put out an extended cut DVD?