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Yes, he’s apparently very good in it.

Efron is pretty pitch perfect here, delivering the best performance of his career thus far. He imbues Bundy with an undeniable charm and likability, but never tipping the scales into glorifying the man. What’s brilliant about Efron’s performance is how he subtly lets the audience in on the façade that Bundy s putting up. You can see he’s charming, sure, but you can also tell that hiding right underneath that smirk is a wealth of anxiety and anger. Bundy’s outlandish attempts to keep Elizabeth on his side and later to win his trial while defending himself come off as desperate attempts to wiggle free, not endearing quirks as some may have feared.

One of Bundy’s near-victims has also said he has got him down perfectly.

Others are not liking the fact that Efron makes him likeable, however he was, in real life, very much likable almost of the time with very hidden moments of darkness. His first judge told him had he not “Gone the wrong way” he’d be proud to have him in his courtroom.


It can be two things.


Yes in Jon Ronson’s book “The Psychopath Test” it’s delved into that even though psychopaths essentially have no empathy they are frequently charismatic and charming. It may not seem right that someone that did such horrific things could appear likeable in any way but, on a superficial level at least, it’s quite realistic.


People are complex. Evil people can have a nice side, nice people can have a totally horrible side. We all know this, but it’s something we push to one side a lot because it’s easier to deal with one aspect, not the whole thing.

Films have time to give two or three characters some real complexity, then the rest become less dimensional as they get further away from the core of the story. In real life they’d all be complex, but storytellers have to prioritise.







It would be a great callback if Caps at the support group location Falcon was working at in Winter Soldier.


Can’t wait to see Endgame. But the Captain Marvel trailers haven’t done much for me. It’s not looking Ant-Man levels of meh. So I’ll more than likely go and see it. But I’m not particularly excited for it.


There’s a scene online of a fight on top of a train that feels like they’re going for a 90s action/buddy cop thing that seems intriguing.


What’s with all the Efron love here, anyway? I’ve seen him be pretty interesting (Me & Orson Welles, Liberal Arts, Baywatch), but have yet to consider him amazing.


I think if you can hold your own in a musical with Hugh Jackman you’re well on your way there.


Yeah, I’ve never thought much of him but he really impressed me in Greatest Showman.


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I don’t really like it much but I’ve seen it twice now and both him and Jackman are fantastic in it. All the performances are great to be fair. The film may have been ruined for me by the fact I run a Karaoke on Thursday nights and I have to hear a lot of awful versions of the songs from it by ridiculously drunk people.



Moving on from Snyder (who has moved on to of course) Warner Bros still concern me.

Hiring James Gun for ‘Suicide Quad’ is a great idea, but they did talk to him about Superman first.

And I’m having trouble imagining what he’d have done with that.


You may be in the wrong thread but this joke was gold.