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That one’s too easy!



I always found it interesting that Luke Cage faced three villains with a snake motif: Diamondback (Willis Stryker), Cornell Cottonmouth and Bushmaster. I’m surprised the Serpent Society aren’t his archenemies.


Maybe they haven’t revealed their puppet-master role in his problems yet!



Anyone who actually has any idea who Stan Lee is pre-MCU hardly needs an article like this. That guys always loved the spotlight, and built a career on hamming up his personality.


aka a Fearless-Front-Facing True Believer.


You mean a Friend of Ol’ Marvel?




'Nuff said.




Marvel’s Inhumans has a unique status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was once a property meant for the MCU’s Phase 3 and earmarked as a theatrical franchise like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. In April 2016, Inhumans was removed from the release schedule, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige promised Inhumans wasn’t canceled, and he was true to his word. Inhumans was merely demoted – to Marvel Television.

And that’s weird because TV needn’t be a demotion anymore. TV can be incredible.

This doesn’t look incredible though, it looks cheap.


It makes The Gifted look cinematic.

And I’m looking forward to the Gifted.



Get well soon of course, that sounds really painful.

Something else I didn’t know about ‘Wind River’; one of the finance companies behind it is partly owned by the Tunica-Biloxi tribe;



Woo Hoo, Jimmy Woo!


Probably be too much to hope for Agents of Atlas in the MCU.


I’ve been saying for ages that AoAtlas should be a movie… so hopefully someone heard me =P

Buuut I don’t think they would’ve picked such an unkown actor if they had plans for it… then again, Pratt wasn’t too famous either… so who knows.