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They should’ve stuck to keeping the Inhumans to sporadic miniseries or guest-star stints, tbh. That’s how they work best: In small but sweet doses.

For my money, the only 2 interesting inhumans are Black Bolt and Karnak anyways… The rest are excessively meh, although IIRC Crystal had a quite long stint on the Avengers, so she might have her fans, but hey, I’ve never minded when they used to show up somewhere, in an event or something, they made for cool guest stars usually… But Marvel missed the boat with doing something interesting with them when they decided to scrap the whole DnA cosmic tapestry in favor of the Bendis approach they took with the few cosimc books they were publishing.

GotG, Nova & the Inhumans were all in a good place under DnA. I liked very much the Kree under Inhuman rule, and the new status quo of Crystal being engaged to Ronan as a political move, etc…


I remember the “Get Checked for Inhumanity” ads or something of that sort.
It was such a blatant grab at making an X-Men riff, yeah. Likely to prep for the then movie.

Almost tragicomic how everything turned out.


Succeed, dammit, succeed!


Yes, keep telling yourself that…


David is very successful for someone who doesn’t appear to have a head.


Here’s a good picture of @davidm:


Samuel L. Jackson likely to co-star with Brie Larson in Captain Marvel


Interesting, I wonder if they’re extending his contact piecemeal like RDJ, which could mean a big payday for SLJ, or if he’s not going to show in Avengers 4 to keep him within the original number of films he signed on for.


Wasn’t that The Farm?


I love a good mixed metaphor.

Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man is still top dog in the Marvel Universe but he doesn’t want to drop the ball


Should’ve used his bit from The Shaggy Dog, I think :wink:




Marvel’s Luke Cage Adds Two Comics Villains for Season 2


Bushmaster AND Nightshade?! Oh, yes!


Way to spoil the clickbate link!


Ah, but they don’t know who’s playing which part, do they?


There’s a character called Bushmaster??

Is this one of those Kevin Smith comics??



“Fictional supervillains” eh?

Is there a Wiki section for real ones then?