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I jest. It’s hard to hate the actor who has been in the most comic book movies, isn’t it?

Sixteen by my count, if you include all of the cameos and teasers in other MCU movies.


Fuck Chrises! Get money!


I love Snowpiercer, but Harvey Weinstein had a feud with the director, who refused to re-cut it for American audiences, so it was barely released.


Another reason for him to be jailed.


I wasn’t a fan of Jerusalem, which was a fairly generic found footage movie but this looks pretty good.


Runaways S2 Ep3… it’s still not S1 standard, but it’s enjoyable, and I feel like they’re getting back the heart of the character relationships, which was the big strength of S1.


But that doesn’t look anything like Jack Kirby :confused:


Oh hold on, I’ve just seen the word “disappearing”, which was cut off the video title :blush:


Did anybody ever want out, apart from Edward Norton?

Norton himself, I doubt he regrets not picking up the role again. I don’t know why he decided to do the Hulk movie in the first place, but his temperament doesn’t seem to fit doing this kind of franchise.


I think he’s looking for ways to stretch himself artistically in a way that big-budget movies don’t allow for. His directorial debut didn’t go to well, but apparently he’s played his first role in a broadway play last year. Maybe that’s going to scratch that itch; doing theatre is a very different experience (and one that many movie actors always return to, for that reason).


Norton says he is happy he didn’t make more;

But… his people also say he was in negotiations to reprise the role, when he was replaced;

And you can see the official Marvel statement implies that he was replaced because he wasn’t a team player, which echoes reports from the set of the Hulk film and the fact that he did minimal publicity for it.

He wanted to make an Edward Norton movie, for Marvel. They wanted a Marvel movie, with Edward Norton in it.

Those are different things.


Sounds like he was a good green Hulk.


What about Terrance Howard as Rhodes ? Did he walk away from Iron Man 2, or did Marvel decide they didn’t want him? I’ve heard both stories presented as the facts.


Yeah, and Ed Norton has had that kind of situation before. I really don’t think he’s a great team player in that sense; he was never going to be a good choice for a franchise of movies.

And personally, while I liked his Banner, I’d rather see him do stuff like Birdman anyway.

The version I took to be the most convincing was that he demanded more than Marvel was willing to pay him - and he lost the gamble and was replaced.


Hugo Weaving didn’t bother reprising Red Skull either.


I don’t know if that can be called “walking away” though. It’s not like the Red Skull has since been an important part of the Marvel universe or (as far as I am aware) Weaving has rejected offers to reprise the role. We don’t know if Weaving would have come back for a proper role (as opposed to the Red Skull playing Virgil to Thanos’ Dante for five minutes).


Weaving’s public opinion is that he’s done with big budget action adventure films in which he plays the villain.

Of course he just did ‘Mortal Engines’ which ticks all of those boxes so…

That may have been because he’s kept in touch with Peter Jackson though, doing a (well paid) favour for a friend.

If he’s careful then his previous franchise movies will have left him very comfortable financially, so he can pick and choose from what’s offered to him.


Yup we forget now they’ve made so much dosh and we have back to back Avengers films costing half a billion that Marvel were initially known to be quite cheapskate. The version I heard too was Howard asked for too much so they just replaced him.



So I still don’t see anyone who “wanted out” and might now regret their decision like Parker speculated?


It’s a little more complex than that. He was the first actor signed for Iron Man and ended up being paid the most because of it. When it came time to do the sequel Marvel wanted to pay him an amount more in line with what the rest of the cast was getting and he refused.