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The ultimate buddy movie.


Still feeling a bit meh about this…


I think that’s better, a bit more setting up the theme of her realizing her own power and that she’s been used.


I think at best it’ll be a fun popcorn movie but utterly forgettable.


Sounds kinda like the other good Marvel movies?


Yep, pretty much.


Using Elastica in a soundtrack to any trailer gets my vote.


This kind of buries the lead in which they are practically in talks with Adam McKay over a Silver Surfer movie.


I hope Will Ferrell is in talks to play the lead.


Does this mean Christian Bale with shave off all his body hair and paint himself silver to become Silver Surfer?


I can’t wait to hear which accent he chooses.


Michael Jackson.


Whereas I am excited.

It’s nice to have a few bits of dialogue, and like Steve says, this one gives you a bit more information about the setup.

Anyway, this is going to be a fun superhero space adventure / alien invasion movie. I am happy to finally get my Marvel fix again - it’s been too long. No superhero fatigue here!


It’s still not quite enough of that though.

The marketing is still going for more of a general feeling of female empowerment, which is fine, but not enough of her individual empowerment.

It’ll be in the film though and the rest of it looks like a lot of fun.


How they got their powers is crucial to setting up the Reed/Ben dynamic, which is central to everything that makes the FF the FF. It’s probably the most important and unchangeable part of any comic book origin. Well, ok, apart from Uncle Ben dying. And the Waynes dying. And Krypton exploding. But apart from those…


Ultimate Fantastic Four changed it and I thought it worked ok.


Changed, but still stayed the same.
Especially in regard to what Davidm put down.


I think that’s Jim’s point though. The exact ‘how’ it happened isn’t that interesting as long as you preserve all the character stuff.


I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes so far. The first was weak, but I thought the second got better and I’m optimistic about the way they’re going. Still not up to S1 standard (but I really loved S1, so…)