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Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet (unless I some how missed it of course):


Alright, so it’s an all-Jigsaw season. Fine by me, I liked him a lot in season 1.


I thought the first season was great. As the character doesn’t really fit with the Disney MCU I wonder if they ‘might’ let it be and encourage Netflix to forge ahead. Unlikely I guess


The first season of The Punisher was such a pleasant surprise. But I’m iffy on season 2 because I thought season 1 had a pretty perfect ending.



The three in that thumbnail contradicts the headline.


Nah the Blade tv show was great.


Maybe it’s for the best. I have trouble imagining Momoa with little to no hair.


Well he would’ve been good for an actual Drax (or the one on the first movie at least)… That lame joke factory they ended up with? Nah, not so much…


There’s no need to imagine such a thing.


When he was cast in Stargate Atlantis he had long dreads, which some executives didn’t like, but soon became a signature part of his look on the show. So a couple of years later he wanted to cut them off, and the same suits objected. Eventually he cut them off, but had to keep them and they were sewn back onto his head for filming, and then replaced by a stupidly expensive wig. Apparently both these solutions were more uncomfortable than the dreads were in the first place.



And here we have the next breakout star of Marvel - scrap Guardians 3, cue Rocket & Goose movie.


The cat poster is cool, but that Captain Marvel one looks really weird. Just looks like terrible photoshop where they put Brie Larson’s face over a different face.


Yeah, that looks like a fan art poster. I can’t shake the feeling this movie is going to be terrible.


I’m sure I’ll be entertained, because I’ve managed to enjoy all the Marvel movies (even the less than good ones). But nothing in the promotional material has wowed me yet, and that’s pretty disappointing considering how big this movie should be for Marvel.


I agree. It all feels a bit generic and tossed-off so far. There’s no real sense of who the character is or why we should be interested in her.

The only thing that’s been even vaguely distinctive so far is the '90s trappings, which isn’t a great reason to see a movie.


None of the posters even seem like they’re from the same movie.
And not in a coordinated way where each one is distinctly character focused/high-lighting.