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I’m happy with the timing of this, if it happens as predicted. I think that if Marvel Studios had control of those two franchises sooner, we might not have seen films starring “fringe” characters like Black Panther and GotG and Captain Marvel. I also think Marvel would not have made gems like Deadpool and Logan that needed an R rating.

Of course, with FF and various X-characters being added to the Marvel Studios roster, chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer for my much-anticipated Millie the Model feature film. :frowning:


That’s clearly going to be a show on Disney+.



Marvel’s official character page for Loki has been modified. It isn’t exactly clear when the changes were made, but without any fanfare whatsoever, the theory that the Mind Stone corrupted Loki has been confirmed as canon. We’ll let fans read through the related passage, copied below from Marvel’s site:

Arriving at the Sanctuary through a wormhole caused by the Bifrost, Loki met the Other, ruler of the ancient race of extraterrestrials the Chitauri, and Thanos. Offering the God of Mischief dominion over his brother’s favorite realm Earth, Thanos requested the Tesseract in return. Gifted with a Scepter that acted as a mind control device, Loki would be able to influence others. Unbeknownst to him, the Scepter was also influencing him, fueling his hatred over his brother Thor and the inhabitants of Earth .

Hm. Yeah, okay. Why not. I don’t think you really need this explanation - he did some pretty bad stuff in the Thor movies, too, after all. But it does help explain the way he goes all-out villain in Avengers, and makes it easier to set up his series on Disney +.


Which is the motivation that really matters here.


Title of the new series? “That Darned Loki”.


Loki Takes A Look See.


Loki’s Mischief Hour!

(spoiler: its not a hour long)




Well, started Runaways Season 2, up to episode 5. Wonder if it will be renewed or go the way of the Netflix shows.


Disney now has Fox’s stake in Hulu so it’s possible it could stay. Same could be true for Cloak & Dagger as they own Freeform.


I’m assuming it will either be tied in with The Eternals movie or Doctor Strange 2 if that’s the case, those would be the places that make most sense.


I tried watching the 2nd episode… I had to stop half-way through… Now, I don’t know if it’s me or what, but I swear I feel the writting and acting took a huge nosedive from S1. I’d be interested to see if others feel the same way… =/




Anybody else who watches The Gifted really ready for Jace Turner to die? Because I’m way past my limits with that character. His daughter dying on 7/15 is no excuse for his actions. At this point, I’m ready for one of the mutants to just grab him, snarl, “You miss your daughter so much, you son of a bitch? How about I reunite you?” and then end him.


I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet but I can see a last minute change of heart and he sacrifices himself to save mutants.

As much as I enjoyed the first season, this one has been a real slog. I would be very surprised if it got renewed for Season 3.


Yeah, they could have taken the character in a more interesting direction after season 1, but instead they just had him regress. Which makes very little sense because he hasn’t actually added anything to this season.

But like Todd said, this season hasn’t been nearly as good as the first. They probably should have kept it to 10 or 12 episodes instead of expanding it to 16.


I agree completely. It is almost like “you know the Mutant Underground thing? Well we are going to take a huge shit on it and by halfway through this season, it will be completely undone” I could see it working in comics where the team breaks up and then rallies at the end to take down the big bad BUT TV works differently and I have no idea who is the big Bad. Reeva? Purifiers? neither of them are that powerful to be considered a major threat.
I agree with JR about Jace Turner. I keep thinking that the show runner keeps him around because he was on the guy’s last show Burn Notice. But the actor was not that good there either.