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The line probably won’t even be in the movie, ha.


Every time you say that a YouTuber dies.


Truly a Christmas miracle.


BRB, checking how many people have youTube channels.


Too many for a gun and not enough for a snap.


But again, that has no weight as he’s been portrayed as downer in each movie.

The reason why the trash scene in Toy Story 3 is so emotional is Buzz reaching for Jesse’s hand shows he’s out of options. He’s the guy that always has a plan or finds a way. He’s positive and confident.

But Evans Cap is he opposite. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s the one that is giving up.


Yeah, if the line was “this has to work.” - “why?” - and so on, then it would be fine. But saying that’s how you know it will work is nonsense.


That’s fair. It’s consistent with the MCU Cap, but it doesn’t resonate as hard because of those reasons.


But that’s nonsense. Evan’s Cap May not be cheery but he’s always been the one who never gives up no matter how beaten up he is.


“Sad” is a bit of an understatement, but also a simplification. There is an entire spectrum of emotional states of variations of despair based on scale of loss. Half the universe is dead, not his cat. Despair in the face of those odds is not illogical. Hell, Thor was like that in the first one. The plan had to work because it has to. Hell, I think Thor delivered a variation on that line to Rocket.


For some reason, because Evans’ Cap is emotionally honest, his Cap gets shit on for not putting on a happy face. Lying about feelings in movies is so expected now, that when it doesn’t happen it stands out. Being earnest without bombast is somehow seen as lesser now a days.

I’m certain we’ll get a John Walker style Cap after this though.


I get that not everyone likes the way Evans plays Cap, but his character is what it is; resilient.

That’s not opinion. It’s consistent across all the films.


Definitely agree with this. His Cap feels very real and, for me, that’s part of what makes him inspiring. He’s not a larger-than-life action figure inspiring others, he’s a guy consistently and firmly doing what’s right, no matter what the odds are.


I don’t know, mileage varies but to me the Marvel films are so glossy and shallow that when they attempt realism it falls really flat.

I’m not opposed to an introspective, depressed Cap at all but I think you have to overhaul your whole approach to the movies and bring in better directors, better screenwriters, to start with.

EDIT: And I’m not saying Marvel films are shit, if you look in the other thread I ranked two of them very highly this year. I think they’ve made their bed with a certain style of colorful, quippy movie and if you’re doing this kind of Cap you need more of the Nolan touch.


Yeah, maybe if they made a standalone, Logan-style, or a Nolan-esque (which would probably be very Brubaker, now that I think about it) reboot, then I can see it working.


It is universally known that those people are a bunch of doodyheads.




BTW, Hulu released the whole 2nd season of Runaways recently (they decided to drop the whole thing this time around for some reason)… for whoever’s interested… I watched the first episode and it was quite bad… so I’m hoping it gets to at least S1’s okayness… but I ain’t gonna give it a lot of episodes, so we’ll see… =/


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