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Ask Jason how good a father-figure Bruce was. :wink:


Hell, ask Dick how good a father figure Millerverse Batman was.


Logan didn’t hate Laura. He was lost and broken and completely traumatised. He’d lost everything except Caliban and Professor X - a father figure who he could barely look after, never mind himself or a little girl. He’d lost all those gifted kids who he’d been a mentor to and along comes another little kid to remind him of everything he couldn’t prevent or fix. He was afraid at first to feel anything again. He didn’t want to risk the responsibility and heartbreak again. He thought she’d be better off without him. She was traumatised and feral too. If it had started as a kindly, family-type relationship it wouldn’t have been true to the characters.


Millerverse Dick is a bit of a psycho though, so I’m not sure I trust his opinion. :slight_smile:




I thought it was really great for a while. The “someone did come along” scene is one of my favorites in any superhero movie and everything before that was pretty strong.

Everything after that, however…woof. The farmhouse scene was the darkest in any superhero movie, very unpleasantly so, and then it becomes a mess.



Like Jim said, they never had a creative genius.


Especially since it’s the Inhumans story. It’s the only that’s one uniquely theirs that you couldn’t tell by substituting in another generic team of heroes. (Before somebody points out the obvious: yes, Sub-Mariner. That’s why I said “team”.)




"We are working hard on … Gambit with Channing Tatum,

They’re just trolling now, aren’t they?


It’s like how “mankind” is used to refer to the entire humans species but 50% of mankind are women, if you want to get into specifics.


Not everything Jack and Stan did was gold, it’s silly to claim otherwise. The Inhumans have always been a shitty property and after 40 years of countless creative minds they’re still shitty. But then the Beatles wrote All Together Now so no-one is perfect.


They’re no New Gods, but they’re still more interesting than the Eternals


And yet, some people try…


They were never intended to be “a property” though, they were just supposed to be some supporting characters that pop up from time to time.


Lots of supporting acts became properties. Wolverine, Deadpool, Punisher and so on. I guess they thought they’d have their own X Men with this, and the comics guys tried their hardest, but lots of bad creative decisions have been made. This does feel that Marvel is reaching the bottom of the barrel and there’s no real new stuff left.


I still ponder what the thought starting Inhumanity the way they did would solve.


I dunno if it’s worth an actual ponder. It was a pretty terrible idea - let’s take away the thing that makes the Inhumans interesting (escaped slave warrior race) and instead just make random teenagers wake up with outlandish superpowers. They don’t even have the growing up allegories Mutant have.


I think that may be the real problem. They stripped away everything that made the Inhumans unique to turn them into a X-Men stand-in.