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Yeah we’d all love to play wolverine… but I’m too fat, and he’s too old… u_u


I don’t want to be Wolverine. I’m already going to be Psylocke.


In other “actor wants a job” news:

Remember when she was gonna play She-Hulk?



Andrew Lincoin as Taskmaster??? Has anyone at CBR even read a comic???



Wow, this is funny - because the Venom marketing team just made up a promo for the Blu-Ray release parodying that Love, Actually scene.


This is hilarious!


The MCU must be a niche market in India but you’d think they’d at least have someone report on Endgame theories who’s watched Infinity War.

In other thoughts I noticed that at the begining of Spiderverse there was a title card for Pascal Pictures, obviously denoting Amy Pascal as producer. I find it quite interesting that it was used there, has anyone noticed it being used before? It’s not a bad thing, I’m just interested in that stuff.



From her Wikipedia page:

Her company, Pascal Pictures, made its debut with the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. In 2017, she produced Spider-Man: Homecoming, Molly’s Game and The Post (which earned an Academy Award nomination at the 90th Academy Awards).

I think that I remember it on The Post. It probably showed up before Venom too, but if you watched that movie properly you were already hammered.


Still looks like shit… :smile:



Does anyone else think it’s weird that Keanu Reeves is older than Hugh Jackman?

It actually freaks me out that Keanu is only six years shy of being sixty.


James Verdesoto, the movie poster artist behind iconic posters such as Pulp Fiction, Ocean’s Eleven, Girl, Interrupted, and Training Day, explains every movie poster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take an in-depth look at the movie posters for Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Thor: Ragnarok, Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Incredible Hulk, and more Marvel movies.


I wasn’t, but I might be next time I watch it.

I did enjoy it by the end, but then it’s a different movie by the end.


We saw the Endgame trailer before Mary Poppins. My wife hadn’t seen it before. When Cap said “I know (the plan) will work. Because I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t,” my wife loudly snort-laughed and said that was the dumbest line she’s ever heard.

While it’s true that Evans whiffs on about a third of his line readings, including that one, that is still an impressively stupid line.


There are loads of one-liners in the Marvel movies that are like that - on first listen it sounds like it should make sense, but when you stop and think about them for more than a nanosecond they’re just nonsense.

It’s like everyone at some point decided that the Whedon style was going to be the model for all these interactions, but the writers thought that you could just get away with the timing and timbre of the line without actually thinking about what the characters were saying. (And to some extent I think they actually do get away with that.)


Yeah, that’s a good point. Some of these line readings remind me of the infamous “lightning/toad” line from X-Men. Some actors have a better sense for those Whedon beats and logical leaps than other actors do.