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Soft reboot it using Seeley’s unused pitch about Blade and his daughter.
That’d be fun.


I’d like to see Snipes come back. He was always talented, but during his troubled times he just wasn’t there, sometimes literally.

But he’ll get a third act to his career at some point and remind everyone just what he can do when he’s on form.


Since the conversation has shifted to Blade:


Expensive B-movies?


And the money train hasn’t stopped yet, baby!


There’s no way at all Disney would bring him back, and I’d prefer a young Blade anyway. I think he’s not a very interesting character though, I wouldn’t burn a franchise slot on him.


No they wont, but I still like him and feel bad that he wont get to reboot the character.

I could be wrong, my feelings are entirely based on the work he did when he gave a damn. I want to see him do that again.

Sort of like when Oliver Reed came back in ‘Gladiator’. He was wonderful, but sadly, it was too late for him.

I hope Snipes comes back and has plenty of time to embrace, enjoy and expand on the opportunities that come from a wonderful role.


They should make an Expendables type movie with Snipes’ Blade, Affleck’s Daredevil, Bana’s Hulk, Jane’s Punisher, and Cage’s Ghost Rider. And let’s toss in Chiklis’ Thing. Like you wouldn’t watch that.

EDIT: Was on the fence about adding Tobey Maguire but I don’t think he works.


They should, however, redub Spiderverse with Maguire’s voice



For which version of the character?


Old Peter.
I read an interview that said they bounced around the idea but didn’t want have people be confused or some such. But the entire film I couldn’t help but feel that his lines would have been so much funnier with Maguire’s voice.


Blades vampires were sci-fi. They were created by a virus.


Yeah but they had prophecies too. Maybe they used the time stone?

And Thor is an alien… except that he’s also the god of thunder.

The MCU could use vampires, scifi or not. If they want to. Probably.


Maguire wouldn’t have worked for me. I think Jake Johnson was perfect for the role. It was like he was doing Nick Miller from New Girl and it all just worked perfectly for the Peter in the movie.



Hopefully, they’ll have a better Dracula. As much as I love Dominic Purcell on Legends of Tomorrow, he was just one of many things wrong with Blade: Trinity. And I think we can all also agree that no one needs a live-action version of this:


Can I be the first to disagree? Marvel need to stay away from this kind of stuff. Putting Dracula in Marvel jumps the shark on the MCU.


Give the rights to Tomb of Dracula to Sony.
They’ll do it right.



I don’t know. Dracula is a shapeshifter, culturally speaking. He takes on whatever form we need him to.

He’s also the second banana in most stories that bear his name. Christopher Lee was famously fed up with how little he was asked to do when playing the Count for Hammer, and he was right. Dracula movies are usually about everyone else, mostly those who stands against Dracula himself.

So if Dracula were to show up, as an antagonist, I would like them to give him at least as much personality as Loki and, if we were lucky, as much as Killmonger.

He lacks the real world politics to support that though, so it’s unlikely.