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I like that the author lives up to the ‘week in geek’ title and really knows his comics.


Evans is moving on but Cap isn’t. Rumors I’ve read online say that the shield will be passed on to a Southern, suburban family man. And I have to say, that sounds perfect.


To be played by Meryl Streep.


The role she was born to play.


The one with the tiny pecker?



That’s the one.


Meryl Streep has a tiny pecker???


John Cena really doesn’t like to talk about it.


Ahhh… “You can’t see me!”

I get it now.




I wonder if anyone has the original of that picture and how much is it worth? :smile:


Has Liefeld not got it framed in his studio or house? I’m sure I seen that somewhere.


Gosh darn it spider-man into the spiderverse was a treat.

Something for everyone.

Wait for the end credit scene you nerds will love it.

Also the credits are trippy as hell in 3d and I recommend 3D viewing to everyone as it’s a hell of a immersive experience.


Yup, honestly everyone forget all this crap like whether New Mutants will ever come out, go and watch Spider-Verse!



Fluid in one of his biceps could be a gallon!

I hope he’s back to full fitness soon.


He’ll be fine. Didn’t his kid just get cast as a genre somebody?




I had a shot miss my vein and go into a muscle before. It’s in my top three of all time pains, it feels like how you’d assume a gunshot to feel. I’m not a big noise maker when it comes to pain but a full extended Wilhelm Scream exploded out of my mouth and I near blacked out.

I turned to the nurse and shouted “Fuck me!! What the fuck,” so angrily, I still feel bad about it.