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Yes it did, just subtly. The genetically modified corn.

These’s a bunch of pretty significant differences between MoS and Logan, both in terms of the characters and the way the films were advertised. Wolverine is a character often associated with dark depressing stories in a way that Superman is not. Going into the film most people had already figured out that Logan would die just from the trailers. No one expected Superman to remain uncertain and self doubting all the way to the end of MoS, engaging in citywide destruction and murder from the trailers, which still pitched the film as the birth of an inspiring, hopefully hero.

And now for something completely different:


I… really did not like Logan. One of my RL friends put her hands over her ears. She would not hear me slandering the woobie Jackman.


And the war on the Fantastic Four escalates. Not TV, but it does reflect on movie rights and such.


I’m not sure I followed all of that. Is Wolverine being paid $20k to walk two lesbians down the road before Superman gets to them?


Man, I loved Logan and hated almost everything about X-Men: Apocalypse.

Logan lived to see his friends die (probably horribly) and went on to see Xaviers dream die and Xavier slowly lose his mind…Compound that by however long it’s been since the X-Men were done and you have a bitter man who is not at this best. Money would absolutely be a motivating factor.



They need to stop beating around the bush and just make a damn Quicksilver movie.


As much as I enjoy his character, I think he works better as a supporting character. I’m not sure he could carry one movie, let alone a potential trilogy.


He needs to show up in the next season of Legion then.
Get a whole “second generation” shtick going.


Still wondering which 90’s song would be good for his usual slo-mo scene.


Smells Like Teen Spirit or Everybodddaaayyyy (yeahhhh yeahhh)


I’d enjoy a Quicksilver appearance in a Deadpool movie. I don’t really know what they’d do, but they’re both fun characters. I put zero thought into it beyond that.


I just hope we get more Hydra Bob in the second movie.
Also, saw people get incensed about the use of Hydra Bob in comics in the wake of Secret Empire haha.

Seeing Deadpool reach out into the greater X-Film canon with X-Force is going to be a kick.


The problem is his scenes are amazing fun but they’ve made him almost omnipotent. It works in the narrative they’ve set up as he’s this slacker type character who isn’t that interested in superheroing so he can flit in an out.


A simple way to have made Logan more in line with the actual character would have been for him to care for the girl from the beginning instead of treating her with nothing but hatred.
He could have easily been motivated to save Charles and her.


Logan is the kind of movie that you can probably only do with a handful of characters, ones that are so established, popular and well-known that there is scope to subvert them significantly and for the audience to enjoy that.

The point of the movie is that we start with a ‘broken’ version of the character and we see him find his way back to the hero that we know he can be. We’re rooting for him to become that heroic version of Logan again, but the story wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful without him having a deep hole to dig himself out of.

It’s not that different to DKR or a lot of similar stories. Part of the reason these stories work is that we start with a version of the character that’s such a departure from what we’re used to do that we think “wow, how did it come to this?” - and then we can’t wait to see how the character finds themself again. Very like the Old Man Logan inspiration really.

I’m not sure there are many other superhero movie characters who could bear that at the moment, but Logan really worked for me.


Returning to the Fox idea of a 60’s Fantastic Four film; ok great! I’m interested.

But Fox constantly shifts it’s plans, so who knows if this idea will last long enough to happen?

Only Marvel sets these things long term and even they change some of their details along the way.

Fox and Sony treat these properties the way they do everything else, which is totally fair, but it’s probably why the ‘shared universe’ approach has a hard time outside Marvel.


Batman didn’t shit all over Carrie, though.


Aye, but Carrie was just a precious teen in over her head - not a powerhouse who was probably an even more active reminder of his roots and where mutantkind has gone in the years since than his actual clone.


Some people can’t stomach cruelty to children of the type we see in Logan in any story, no matter what the context. I understand that and we all have different tolerances for that stuff.

For me, the film worked because it established a negative context for Logan and Laura’s relationship that built to a completely different, positive context by the end. That was satisfying for me and I was quite touched by the ending.

But I can understand people having a problem with Logan’s behaviour earlier on in the movie on principle. Not everyone will be able to accept that.

For me though, it made his journey through the movie that much greater and more meaningful. If we had started with a kinder, more parental relationship between the two, then there wouldn’t have been nearly so much room for character growth and development.