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I think it was during the release of the official timeline, two Endgame vids I’ve watched have mentioned it.


Cool, thanks. Yeah, I hadn’t seen anything, and then thought about how odd it would be to release a post-snap trailer potentially the same week they released the first trailer for Endgame. Then it occurred to me that there wasn’t anything that required it taking place after IW.


When I talked about my reaction to Infinity War, I insisted Tony Stark wasn’t really featured so much as featured in the movie, where you sort of had to know he was important (other than when Thanos himself said how important Tony was) to know you should probably care about him, because his role was relatively subdued compared to a lot of other appearances (such as Iron Man: Civil War and Iron Man: Homecoming). Now, obviously a lot of people have seen a lot of MCU movies and already know Iron Man is important, but imagine years from now and you’re introducing new fans to the MCU and you start with “that Snapocalypse movie,” and…what do those new fans really make of him?

But this trailer makes it clear that they figured that out, and I think starting the trailer with him was a direct acknowledgement of what they needed to accomplish. I mean, people don’t quote, “Mr. Stark? I don’t feel so good…” because of who Peter’s talking to, and that’s…basically Tony’s highlight in Infinity War.

That and Hawkeye (fresh off of starring in his solo movie earlier this year, Tag), and Ant-Man…The only odd thing, in hindsight, is the lack of Captain Marvel. Or am I forgetting her?



The teaser just hammered home that this movie is about Tony and Cap, the two characters who will likely be moving on in this movie. It’s their swan song story.


I think it would have been way weirder to have shown her. Audiences still really have no idea who she is. Her only appearance so far is in a couple trailers for her movie. So I don’t know what impact having her her in this teaser would have, but it would have been odd to show her this early in the marketing.


Aye and aye.





Looks like Lang finally ends up at that old Stark warehouse he was supposed to rob before they turned it into the Avengers Complex!*

*Way back in Ant-Man 1 - Time Period Parker


I’m not sure Marvel are interested in hiding the fact at least most of these characters return, it’s really about how they do. For most of us it’s easy to see what will happen as we’ve seen countless resurrections countless ways but the majority of MCU viewers have never been exposed to that on this scale. You have millions of kids saying to their parents “But Spider-Man has to come back!” And all those parents are almost as stumped as the kids as to how.

Its really cool to be honest, the amount of non comic fans who told me they cried even though they knew the characters weren’t really dead. To get that reaction is pretty amazing and goes back to above in the thread where we were talking about good stories surpass knowing plot details or having watched similar stories.


That doesn’t just go for Tony Stark, though, but pretty much for every character in Infinity War, with Gamora being the exception. A lot of the interactions don’t make sense unless you know the characters. That was also what made it great, though, in a way - this truly was like one of those big comics crossover events, where all those characters you know and love meet up and have an adventure together.

I expect that will be the big difference between IW and EG - this one will be on a smaller scale, and focus more on the handful of characters that the movie features. Like Jim says, it’s Tony’s and Cap’s swansong, and with that also the swansong for the Avengers in their first incarnation. I expect it’ll be a bit of a Let’s Get the Old Gang Together! kind of movie, too.


In the end that’s always going to be given up to some degree. I know we have the ‘new fans’ element but nobody is watching Harry Potter 8 as their first foray into it or if they do will miss a great deal of what it means but they build these things up and it made the most money.

Marvel are probably better than most fans imagine, most are pretty accessible (I have my wife as a test subject on this) without knowing tons of detail, however when you do a massive crossover with pretty much every character used previously it is impossible to make it new viewer friendly and a watchable film.

It’s okay because at any time they can scale that back. Just as you can give me a new number one issue of a character with the most convoluted 60 year back story and I could just ignore it and tell a simple tale anyone can grasp.



“This is entirely the wrong way to make billions of dollars!” - The Internet


Unsurprisingly CBR doesn’t even understand what the word endgame actually means or the significance of the term to the story that’s being told.

In chess and chess -like games, the endgame (or end game or ending) is the stage of the game when few pieces are left on the board. … The king, which has to be protected in the middlegame owing to the threat of checkmate, becomes a strong piece in the endgame .


It’s CBR. Were you expecting intelligent discussion?


I think he might have been expecting ad-free content too.

On this one I’m not seeing the problem, of course it’s a predictable title, of course it’s not that surprising - were people really expecting that of a title?


I just like calling them out on their ability to write about stuff with such authority while simultaneously being facepalmingly ignorant of everything outside of comic books.


Well it’s a rather generic tittle… they might as well have gone with Avengers 4ever at that point… at least they could’ve played with the logo :smile:


I don’t see how it is generic when it’s literally describing the plot in a way that people seemingly don’t even realize.


The fact that CBR wrote a BS article, as usual, doesn’t mean people don’t understand what “endgame” means… come on… u_u

Also, something like “forever” in my opinion is better, because we know that the MCU is not gonna stop… and “endgame” kinda sounds final and like a downer… Forever has a better connotation, even though both are generic af.

Also: In a perfect world, A3 would’ve been called “Thanos Quest” and A4 “Infinity War” which makes more sense, but whatevs…