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I watched the live action one. It was one of those direct to syndication shows that played on weekends like Beastmaster, Hercules, Xena or Relic Hunter.


Corporation re-imagine these characters right now, all the time for different markets. Each brand is like a company, and hundreds of thousands of people earn their living on the sales of that character. Batman has been reimagined into 50+ different versions, all while being owned by a single company. Saying they’d become public domain i like saying anyone could sell a Big Mac or a Coke. Just not going to happen any more.


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Great Ronnie!! So now he’s just a “Bounty Hunter.”


No chance. Between the innovative vision of a universe rarely imagined before, the cutting edge special effects, the incredible puppet and animatronic performances, the soundtrack that set a new standard and fantastic performances by charming, funny, charismatic and handsome/beautiful leads, along with maybe the best twist in cinema history, there’s no trilogy that can match the original trilogy. Those three movies created an industry like no movies ever have before. They’ll never be bested.


Gamora’s Original Designs Revealed


About 9am EST in the USA, so you know when to start discreetly looking at your phones at work…


Jeggings is the word your looking for Ronnie


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This might be of interest



Also, it’s moved to April, clearly terrified of the behemoth that is Detective Pikachu.


DAMN IT, need it.


I dunno, I might see it…


That’s an odd trailer. It feels like the first half of the trailer honestly. And that title is pretty bad.


your right. the studio does have a patchy record…


Yeah, they should have waited until more was done or…hell, not having a trailer would have been bold.
This is just a standard teaser with passive shots and grand narration.


Buuuut basically no spoilers and enough to feed and tide the masses over till Captain Marvel is released and then enter Avengers: Marketing Goes Apeshit


Is it late April in the UK and then a week later at the start of May in the US?


The title is terrible, soooooo bland. Very much a committee choice I’d guess.

But we all know it’s going to be a big hit. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look like they are showing us more than the first 15-20 minutes and I’m happy enough with that. The less we see the better, I dont think this is a film that really needs to show much of its hand. I’m sure we will see more of it when Captain Marvel drops but as far as hype machines go that keeps things very epic.

Obviously we are going to run out of the words “Quantum Realm” by Tuesday as the internet shits itself with theories.