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Nope, still don’t believe in miracles.


So did the Avengers 4 trailer not get released?


Held back until tomorrow because of George Bush’ State Funeral I think.


Which is going on interminably on every channel!


Google says it is going to be held back until Friday.


Is there not a personal service on Friday too? Maybe as it’s personal the TV will be back to reading out Tweets and let that pass without intrusion.




I mean, it’s no “The One Where Ross and Monica Do The Routine”


It’s a risky move to cancel popular shows and basically hand the rights back to a service that’s going to be your biggest competitor. I mean I get that Disney wasn’t making the relationship easy, but that’s probably because they’re happy to have Netflix drop those shows so the only place you find Marvel stuff is on Disney owned platforms. So Netflix basically gave them what they wanted AND sacrificed popular content in the process. Win-win for Disney.


I wouldn’t believe that report. It’s yet another one that puts all the blame on Netflix and makes Disney out to be the poor put upon company. You don’t think it’d be a thumb in the eye for Disney to have a large chunk of their properties existing and thriving at Netflix? That they’d be locked into a contract to devote their resources, marketing and employees to working for their brand new competition?

Netflix gains nothing out of this. Disney gains everything. I see a clear media and social network bias for Disney all over the web, so I’d suggest Disney had the bulk of the power to here to force a pulling of the plug.


Apparently the negotiations went something like this:


I feel like the situation was just kind of lose-lose for Netflix, though. Nothing about painting Disney in a good light, but Netflix’s options were to continue to produce those show and thus promote the biggest brand of the company that’s likely going to be their biggest competitor OR drop those shows. I’ve no doubt Disney was being an abrasive partner since they’d rather get everything back in house eventually (and they’re Disney and really most corporations are dicks anyway). But if Netflix decided to keep going with the shows, then they have their brand plastered all over Netflix. Sure, they’d rather get it all back but if the other scenario is your competitor promoting Marvel there are worse things.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story than what’s presented, but Disney is just in a better position here. At least that’s how I take all of this.


I think it’d have been a win for Netflix if they’d managed to keep these shows and expand the entire Marvel Knights brand to whatever was initially agreed to. Marvel was one of their top draws and greatly aided their subscription base. Marvel is an established name rather than trying to create something new, or dealing with brands others have cast off which is where Netflix find themselves right now. I think keeping Daredevil and company going was easily worth working with Disney.

That’s why I think it’s pretty clear Disney poisoned the well here, and will probably rather forget about these shows altogether. Just like they’re about to forget the X Men and FF movies & TV shows.

Netflix is worth more as a business right now that Disney. Disney has theme parks and 100 years of movies and shows. They have ABC and ESPN. And Netflix is worth more, and they have screw all. With a streaming service Disney will double the value of their shares within 4 years, and with their upcoming grip on cinema they’ll be the Wal Mart of entertainment and pop culture.


Oh, I completely agree. I’ve little doubt that Disney made the relationship toxic. I enjoy lots of Disney products, but I’m under no illusion that they aren’t awful as a company.


You’re one of the good ones. :fist: