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Logan was great and… oh. :disappointed:

I stopped listening to you after that. I thought Oscar Isaac was really compelling as Apocalypse. I really liked that movie.

Mystique was over-utilised. X-Men 3 could and should have been so different. Had so much wasted potential. Wolverine Origins did eventually lead to Deadpool. (I can find the bright side to anything). Okay, I listened a bit. :slight_smile:


I think Oscar Isaac is really compelling, because he’s Oscar mofo’ing Isaac, and simply a joy to watch at all times. I’d pay to watch him sit in a chair reading news online. Nevertheless, I don’t think they made use of him properly in the movie, and whatever good qualities there are there are down to him more than anything else.


Every scene with Oscar in Apocalypse was great. Especially the Nuke scene.



I already said you’re my favourite. :roll_eyes:

Oscar is really compelling. He even sang a song about me (ask @ParkerMcCombe if you don’t believe me). I’d watch him read the news for free because Oscar Isaac. :heart_eyes:

In your opinion. I’ll have to put Apocalypse in the compliment thread now too because I’m still excited and enthusiastic about it. I loved that film ( @Tom_Punk has earned a place there now too).

I am not liking Jim’s face right now.


But the use of Wolverine as a guy to try to sort things out via talking in DoFP,

I fail to see that as a negative. It worked because suddenly Wolverine wasn’t the best at what he had to do. It highlighted a different side of the character, which was great after seeing his more soulful turn in The Wolverine a year prior. And hey, it’s not like Singer didn’t give us bone(claw)-crunching fights with him stabbing multiple dudes in the movie.
Days of Future Past is still a top 5 comic book movie for me (probably cemented even further by the Rogue Cut) and my overriding thought as I left the cinema was “I love Wolverine. I wished there had been more of him.” Maybe that’s just bias on my part? I don’t know. :man_shrugging:


What bone crunching fights beyond his intro in the film? Aside from that, I could see what you mean if he’d actually had some success after struggling with a role that didn’t fit him well, or even if he had failed in a way that was given more dramatic impetus, but that’s not how it played out. Instead, he just got drowned out in a heave of Magneto bein Magneto.


Eh I didn’t like Logan that much. It was a good movie, for sure, in terms of sheer craftsmanship, but in the end it was too dark and depressing and I’m not sure I wanted to see that Wolverine story.

I’m surprised the usual pose of MoS haters ain’t hating Logan for the same exact reasons :smile:


Well, lookie at Ross being all right again.


For what it’s worth, there’s a pretty important difference:

Anyone who went into Logan with any sort of pre-knowledge knew it wouldn’t be a happy film, people going into MoS still hoped it would be full of Superman being a super cool dude.


That really sounds like the opening of a joke “Two Lesbians were walking down the road…”


Nah, bs… the trailers made it clear it was a reboot and a new origin of sorts… sort of like Superman Begins, so people should’ve expected that.

Edit: But fair enough, Logan advertised its darkness a 100%… still what you got at the end could’ve been vastly different, more hopeful, etc…


I’m not disagreeing, but there’s a difference between expecting the “gritty” Superman who’s still Superman and a Wolverine film that is actually going to be a tragedy.


Nah. I think your only disappointment in Logan is like mine. It was depressing af – where the heck were the bloody dinosaurs? I was so hopeful they’d include them especially with the Jurassic Park reboot and whatnot. Made perfect box office sense at the time.


Ok sure, but the main point is that much like people complain about MoS not being the Superman they wanted to see, I felt the same way about Logan in that I don’t think I wanted to see a Wolverine movie about a dude coughing and about to die all the way through. That’s not Logan to me, that’s quite the opposite. His healing factor kind of ensures that, and the movie just never adresses why it just stops (but not really) working… I dunno… it was weird and full of ilogical bits.

It just didn’t work for me, plot wise… but I can appreciate how VERY well made it is in every other regard (except the last confrontation which Mangold blunders… again).

@Bernadette Partly yeah… the depressing thing, not the dinosaurs… :smile:


Despite wearing yellow spandex in the comics, Wolverine has always been a dark and violent character.

Superman has always been perceived as bright and positive.

Logan took the character to a logical (and probably much desired) extreme. MoS took the character in a neck-snappingly different direction.


I’m not by any means trying to say you should enjoy Logan if you didn’t, but that the marketing was pretty on point with what to expect. I suppose if someone never watched a trailer walked in to see Logan it would’ve been pretty shocking, but for the rest of us, they gave us what they said they would.

As for Man of Steel, I don’t really have a horse in the race, but the points that critics of the film most frequently seem to reference aren’t reflected in the marketing much. Edit: I just rewatched all three MoS trailers to double-check.



Nah I don’t accept that argument either… Superman’s a very old character with A TON of different interpretations. Heck, one of the most famous interpretations is a very dark, moody and broody Supes (Kingdom Come).

But fair point, Wolverine has always been more violent and “dark”. I mean, in general that is.


I just watched Logan this week. It was very dark, depressing and miserable. It painted a picture of humanity as monsters, and our hero as without heart or soul until faced with overwhelming pressure. So different from MOS, where humanity were brave and just, and Superman did the right thing every time without hesitation or needing $20k.


Oh shit, yeah that bit as well… :smile:

Totally out of character… Logan’s always been a noble guy, as dark, violent and broody as he can get. He’d NEVER ask for money. EVER. =P

So yeah, it was mostly the script that bothered me… lots of stupid illogical bits and missed opportunities… but that’s about normal for Fox movies.