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“Wednesday on Good Morning America” is a weird title but I like it.


I genuinely hope the title isn’t spoiled before then.


Haha, you beat me to basically the same joke.


Avengers 4: Official Title And Trailer


Seems like a misstep to me. So much of the last film took place outside of America to set it all there, and on a Wednesday, is going to make things seem smaller.


Hang on one dang minute there…


I wish that they would release the movie untitled and without a trailer.


Or just use it’s original title. :wink:


That would actually be pretty awesome and it’s probably the first time in modern cinema a film doesn’t need one. Certainly not to make a billion dollars.


Maybe they could only show it at 3am on Sundays too, just to make things a bit more difficult.



calling it now.
Annette Bening is The Supreme Inteligence in Captain Marvel.


There’s her Oscar role right there.


Does this mean Warren Beatty is the Super-Skrull?



We know the truth about Captain Marvel…


Envy leveled up



Yeah, I feel like this trailer is lacking something, and it’s probably that. At the same time, it’s giving me too much, like those last shots are pretty much the end of her journey there and maybe that’s not something I should see yet.

I am nevertheless quite looking forward to this. Trailers aren’t perfect, but the movie still looks good and it looks fun, and I’m ready for another fun Marvel movie.




I feel like a song should play with that but can’t think of an appropriate one.