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Yeah, color me unimpressed too… what a blatant PR move… =/

(Also, holy shit that coloring in those books… :smile: )

Anyways, too bad Feige never snoops around here, otherwise he’d see the wisdom of my Agents of ATLAS argument… They could totally have everything they need with that movie. A Marvel SH team led by an asian, but still be appealing to the rest of the world. Instead they’ll go with a bland Bruce Lee rip-off… meh…


Really looking forward to this.



Yes, please.


Marvel has the trailer game down pat.


Apparently we are getting Avengers 4 first trailer on Wednesday. Tis the street word.


I guess I’ll be the guy who says it doesn’t look very good. I think the story is the wrong one, the tone is much less fun than it should be and the flying space fight at the end just makes her look invincible in a very CGI video game kind of way. And I’m not sold on her performance (though Jude Law I’m hoping is the villain as he’s a fantastic bad guy).


Yeah that sequence looked quite bad… I noticed that immediatly.

Which is weird 'cause de-aged Fury looks great… I guess that’s what happens when multiple FX studios work on the same movie… =/

Other than that… I don’t know… Kinda looks like yet another MCU origin movie, full of every trope we’ve seen a million times by now (I’m guessing the villain will be a mirror-version again…) but hey, at least it’s about space stuff and there’s young Fury, so it should be entertaining enough.

This trailer was a lot better than the 1st, for sure, but eh… it still left me a bit cold. I’ll just probably wait to read how connected/important it is to A4 and either go or skip from that…


I think it looks fine but I’m not getting that extra buzz yet.

They’ve clearly pulled out all the stops, but they’re glossing over the point, going with the jazzy visuals to grab people.

There’s a heart in there, Carol’s story and I think I know what it is; her becoming her own person and making her own choices after years as a brainwashed Kree soldier, but they’re not making it really connect with me yet.

It’ll do fine. I’ll go see it, millions of others will too.

I just wish it was making me count the days until I do.



One thing I’m really impressed with is how effortlessly the Marvel films encapsulate different aspects of the characters. This essentially seems to borrow from the Mar-Vell comics in the 60s/70s, the post-Rogue Carol (memory loss), possibly bits of Ellis’s Ultimate stuff, maybe setting up the Kree-Skrull War, and doing all of that with the Binary/modern Carol Danvers. While I don’t always buy the idea that they lift a lot from the Ultimate era, one thing they’ve clearly done is taken the same approach to building the films.


They have a great approach, really prepared to use what fits the best when transferring from page to screen. Generally it works out and I’m sure this one does.

I think what’s not connecting right now is the struggle. It looks like she comes to Earth, gets flashbacks, realises she’s human and then stands up to the Kree. The closest we get to that being a difficult journey is Jude Law telling her she’s not as strong as she thinks she is.

That’s going to be core to the story and Carol’s growth and change as a person, because it’s going to be something she will eventually realises is a lie and she’ll turn around and tell him (in PG-rated language) to go fuck himself, and the rest of the Kree war machine with him.

The trailers are giving us the bread crumbs to follow that story, and while I don’t need the whole loaf in a trailer, I could use a few good slices.


That’s fair. And they definitely need to stick the landing. I like the two Ant-Man movies and Doctor Strange movies well enough, but I don’t know that they nailed either of them as well as they could have (I thought both were better in their guest appearances) in part because those movies kind of missed that core (building up the love interest in DS might have helped, not to mention a better villain in both).


I might be with you Jim. The first trailer had me,this one not so much.
It’s was actually her voice that threw me off.
I’m sure i’ll get over it but this trailer was a bit of a let down.


Here comes Grumpy Grandpa Jim to ruin everyone’s fun. :wink:

Oh no. Not Old Man Abnett too. :wink:

Is this PG or PG-13? You get one “fuck” in PG-13. :wink:


They’ll probably use it for the skrull granny.


If anybody’s doing any fucking it had better be Samuel L J.



“I have had it with these monkey fightin’ Skrulls on this Monday to Friday planet.”