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That sounds like it should be a adapted to be a movie franchise.


I must resist posting clips of brucexplotation films…


Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu was one of Marvel’s most exciting titles in the mid-70s thanks to the freshness and vibrancy that Moench and Gulacy brought to the book. The regular Marvel Universe superhero books were stale, but their alternative books like Shang Chi and Tomb of Dracula and Conan the Barbarian stood out (at least for me) as the ones where the unexpected could happen. I hope the eventual film is a success.


And if Shang Chi is a success, maybe they’l follow up with a Killraven film, using the Don McGregor/P. Craig Russell run as a template.


Lowest bar ever. :wink:


Well based on the MCU pushing inclusiveness and diversity we really do need the gingers represented.


Yeah, it’s hard to see what the hook would be to get this to at least $600 million. I’ve no doubt someone could make a fun movie out of it, but it needs some sort of bombastic hook to tie it to the Marvel Universe and make it more than just a kung fu movie. So I’d agree they’d have to step up the mysticism somehow. Maybe even intro him in Dr. Strange 2? Seems like a tough sell otherwise.


No argument from me. :slight_smile:


I think Shang Chi would work great as an FX or HBO TV series.


Master of Kung Fu or Fu Manchu didn’t really have mysticism though, it was mystic in the same way Hound of the Baskervilles is a horror story. Those elements were just cover for organized crime and weren’t real, like say, Doctor Strange. Fu Manchu was just a genius, he wasn’t magical. The magic here would have to be future technology or you are completely changing the Sax Rohmer mythos it’s all based on.


I guess my point is that they need something cool and almost otherworldly for it to stand out. Be that magic or crazy future tech or something else.


If they hired Stephen Chow and went all out with dragons and Chinese gods and legends then it’d have a chance, but even then things like the Monkey King don’t do very well. It might be something that Disney and Marvel can westernize as it’s be great to see the world get a bit more global.

I watched bits of Big Hero 6 over the weekend and can’t help jut think Marvel dropped the ball there. I’d rather see Asia is modern and futuristic rather than trapped by ancient mysticism. If there’s a franchise that should be old magic and mysticism it’s Captain Britain.


Let’s not forget that this will be geared as much towards China as to anyone else.

Disney will be looking to make the bulk of their money from this outside the USA (as is normal these days) and a lot of that inside China (as is increasingly normal these days).

Whether they hire a Chinese or a Chinese American director this will be as carefully planned as the live action ‘Mulan’ is.

Hopefully it’ll be great and hopefully audiences outside China will love it too, but this is Disney building on their existing ventures into the biggest film market in the world.


Darn tootin’. Aim it for the global audience, make something a little bit different from the bog-standard superhero action style, hopefully find a director who can offer up a fresh take on kung-fu like the Wachowskis did back in the day and see what happens. I don’t know a damn thing about this character but I’d rather see them try something fresh than rely on old hits by rolling into Iron Man: The Next Generation or what have you.


I agree with both those. Asia as it is now is just incredible in how it’s cities are growing - My friend is just back after having been away for a month and the sky lines and the bars and the malls and the stadiums just look incredible. If you were to push the Mission Impossible angle and make it spy tech based but with The Raid style action you could end up with something pretty amazing.

In the same sense if Captain Britain were to push more in the direction of old magic mixed with the magic somehow connected to the cosmic like Doctor Strange, it would be a fresh angle.


Shang-Chi is one of those properties that really needs the do pre-production in reverse. What is needed is a martial artist who can act, and wants to use a movie as a vehicle. And, yeah, it would have to be someone on the level of a Bruce Lee to really pull it off. Look in the dojos before beginning to script.


Captain Britain could lock up that Harry Potter market.

I’m not sure you tackle China by offering a half baked western approach to an Asian character full of cliches and thinly veiled racism. This is a tough ask as I’ve been trying to point out - Kung Fu has a small market and no Western treatment of Asian culture has ever worked. So you need this movie to do two things that have never been done before.

The Marvel movies suddenly look they have an awful lot of plates to spin.


Well it worked for Black Panther and its approach to African characters. And it did that because white people weren’t at the helm. If they use Asian talent I don’t see how tackling China would be a problem in that way.



I hope Disney are smart enough to know that and to be working actively to avoid those traps.

Kung Fu is a big genre in China, but it’s handled just fine by the Chinese filmmakers in China. Disney will have to work hard to involves and win over the audience there. They have shown a willingness to reach out for help though (Moana in Polynesia and recently with Tiana in Wreck it Ralph 2). They have made mistakes, but they don’t avoid the work required to fix them.

Also popular in China as a long established part of Chinese acrobatic performance!



Jason Latour threw this up on Instagram stories and it’s definitely worth a read.
He is beyond pumped for Spider-verse and has got me on board even more so.