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Sometimes it is easier to start afresh rather than trying to convince people that Disney Defenders would be better than Netflix Defenders. Plus, I sincerely doubt that the Disney service would air a show with stuff like Kingpin bashing somebody’s skull in with a car door, so it really wouldn’t be the same show at all. Nothing wrong with giving Scarlet Witch and Vision a bash. It might not be for everyone but if they lean into the can-these-two-make-it-against-all-odds romance angle it could appeal to a demographic not really being served by other superhero properties.


Or it’s the truth. We really don’t know.

What we do know is that Marvel movies are doing fine.


You know what would be nice though? If Netflix did a second and last season of Defenders to tie every loose end and wrap everything up. Doubt it would happen, but that’d be best case scenario at this point.


Yeah, that would be ideal. Too bad it’s so unlikely.


Not even a season but a two hour movie. That would force them to get the story moving for once. They’d still probably devote a good half hour of it to Karen Page, mind.


Looking at the cast for the Spider-Verse film and it occurred to me that Nicolas Cage is currently the only person ever to play Superman and Spider-Man in two theatrical films in the same year (he voiced Superman in the Teen Titans Go movie and voices Spider-Man Noir here).

Great year.


Really? Are you sure it was a great year… :stuck_out_tongue:


Fanart of an MCU version of Ronin:


So, now he’s playing two albino crime bosses.




Yeah, you know what else it doesn’t have? Anything interesting… u_u


Boo! I like The Gifted!

I’ll qualify that by saying I liked season 1. Season 2 hasn’t worked as well, but it’s still mildly entertaining.

I mean, not as good as Supergirl, but what is?


SLJ second-billed is surprising. Hopefully it means he gets more to do than usual.


Legion > Supergirl



Large Toblerone bars?


I am struggling to refute that argument :expressionless:


It’s simple. You said “what is as good as Supergirl?” Large Toblerones are better than Supergirl.


Well, I mean, at least I made it to episode 5 or 6 of the Gifted before deciding I just couldn’t care less about it.

Supergirl? I barely made it to the end of episode 1… then I kinda zoned off on episode 2. Never made it to episode 3…

Soooo… what’s better than Supergirl? Literally any other SH show, including the Inhumans… :smile: