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Also, the FGC (for fighting games, like Street Fighter) is kinda small, compared to stuff like DOTA, Overwatch or the now ever-present Fortnite, but their fans are loyal (and has worldwide appeal, too), and the games themselves are actually fun to watch and easy to follow. It could indeed be interesting if Netflix got streaming rights for big tournaments like EVO…


Back in the 1980s, there was a TV show on basic cable where people would compete playing different arcade games.

Here’s an actual episode:


My younger cousins and in laws watch gaming videos quite a bit.

In unrelated news, my younger cousins and in laws are super lame.


I think it would be a pretty literal game changer because they have the power to legitimize tournaments like that in the same way we look at competitive sports.


Yeah we had similar and the were all awful but I actually enjoyed them. Part of me really understands why kids are watching games online. I remember loving a show where they played Mario 3 and it was fantastic because I couldn’t afford the actual game. I had to sell off my He-Men to get it!


I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore.


Also, while no one is paying attention, twitch is stuffing their faces with money… So yeah, getting into the gaming thing would probably be a VERY solid idea for Netflix… I think Amazon owns Twitch, but surprisingly they haven’t really capitalized it in other ways (they might not feel the need to though, since, as I said, Twitch is doing fine).


I enjoyed Starcade because they had games arcades near me didn’t have.

Watching a bit of the video I posted made me remember Xevious. God, that was such a beautiful arcade game for its time!


Speaking of the streaming wars:


And the Netflix Marvel news apparently gets worse:


I don’t know, I’d have to question an exec who thinks that doing a Scarlet Witch/Vision show instead of bringing over Daredevil and/or doing Daughters of the Dragon (assuming the logistics could be worked out) is a good idea. Scarlet Witch is easily the most forgettable character in their movies. Not saying you can’t make a good show if you do it right, but the other’s would have a built in audience.


Coming back to this, we had a trailer for Mary Poppins yesterday and my wife and daughter both really liked the look of it - they both like the original - while my son and I weren’t too bothered. Based on the trailer I think it will have a certain appeal but it might be a bit niche.

By the way, I don’t know if you saw any of the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm Ronnie, but Lin Manuel-Miranda had a guest role in that (as himself) and I thought he was very funny and sent himself up well.


It’s clearly them now linking the cinematic universe to their TV output in a more overt manner. I suspect they always kept TV at arms length because they knew this day would come. They’ve got to have spent years already planning for what they’re doing in streaming.

Olsen and Bettany aren’t exactly the hottest actors, I can see why they ok doing TV. Really though this should have been Black Widow and Hawkeye.


There always seemed to be some sort of political battle (I would assume mostly Kevin Feige’s ego) that caused this. The TV side didn’t do themselves favors in a lot of areas but I can only assume that they were being artificially hog tied due to some behind the scenes power plays.

Holy fuck. A Black Widow/Hawkeye black ops type show would be incredible.


It was Perlmutter. Feige had him pushed out of the movie side, so he was given TV as a consolation. Now it seems Disney aren’t happy at how he’s handling that.


It was my understanding that after Feige seized control of the film’s, Perlmutter got the TV side. The animosity between the two kept the mediums relatively separate.


I always thought the MCU didnt interact with the TV side because Feige didnt trust or want to work with Loeb (imo, a good idea. Loeb seems have to run some good shows into the ground)


That Feige had him pushed out sound more like Feige to me. Feige also eliminated the advisors that made earlier films successful in an effort to weave this lone genius story around himself.


IIRC, most of the directors seemed to have terrible things to say about the brain trust. It was usually the one negative thing about working for Marvel that came up in interviews.

Edit: Here’s the article on them.

Gunn, Whedon, and Edgar Wright all talked about clashing with them.


That article is very much an example of the victors writing history. It’s very self serving to Feige and allows him to blame any of the mistakes made on someone else while taking credit for the wins.