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I’m not even kidding here when I say a Quiddich show would do big numbers for them.


When it comes to the streaming wars, there will be multiple winners. Netflix and Disney+ are givens.

I think Hulu will stay because Disney has to have platform for more adult fare and not doing so gives too much to Netflix.

AT&T announced they are launching a platform next year with the WB and HBO libraries. They will put big bucks into it so it may have a chance.

I think Star Trek is the only keeping CBS All Access alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if things change after CBS remerges with Viacom.

Apple talks about a service but considering the rumored watered down restrictions, I don’t see it ever really becoming a viable contender.

Amazon is an odd bird. Their service seems almost incidental though they are supposedly stupid amounts of money for the Lord of the Rings series.

There are many niche services that have to razor thin margins. I can see those either going under or getting absorbed by the big boys.





Badger fighting!


Fight badgering!!


Didn’t they have that dog racing show? And by dog racing I mean people trying to outrun Dobermans for money.


Hahaha that sounds great but way too specific to keep a show going. Maybe a show where people try to outdo animals at things they’re good at.


I think there’s a big future to be had in VR sports. Graphics are getting close enough to the real thing and the VR aspect removes it from mouthbreathers sitting in a padded seat pressing buttons. I think VR combat could become a real thing for example. VR racing too. I think we could reinvent the Olympics. I think there’s a need for a new combat sport past MMA and boxing. I think fencing could be reinvented so it involves more sparring. Essentially our sports menu is stuff that existed before the computer age and we can reinvent all of it. I think you could make racing out of other things like puzzle solving or doing math.

People can get into watching two snails race. With the right packaging anything can be a must see sport.


I think it ran for at least two seasons!


Wow! Really???


I’d think a pack of doberman’s would’ve caught someone faster than that.


I think gaming in general is being overlooked. There’s big competions and big money involved in them now, not to mention the fact that watching other people game is clearly a big pastime for the I generation. Maybe memories are still marred by the attempts to televise gaming in the 90s, but gaming competitively is certainly not going away and more than probably going to become a major thing now games are so online driven.


Marvel tends to be cagey mixing the MCU films with the tv shows; even with Agents of SHIELD, which uses characters from the films, any crossover is a one-way street.

I suspect that Marvel might reboot some of the bigger properties, like Daredevil or Power Man & Iron Fist (A buddy film for the MCU?) as films. I think that the Netflix series themselves are probably a bit too intense for Disney to be comfortable with, so they might stay on Netflix and sort of fall into the same memory hole as Ang Lee’s Hulk and the first five Sony Spidey movies.


If Netflix keeps the existing shows then it’s in the position of promoting a direct competitors IP.

So, at some point, I expect Disney and Netflix to make a deal that moves those seasons onto Disney+.

Netflix will have enough of it’s own material by then.


Gaming is making a mistake too. They’re not good at making watchable games. They can make playable games, but it’s often too garish and fast moving for people to watch.

I think the combination of VR (I’m getting Playstation VR for Xmas and can’t wait to try it out) and simplifying game graphics so it’s easier to watch will go a long way.

Team combat on a alien planet with weapons and vehicles that’s strategic and planned would be something epic to watch. Like watching a movie kind of thing. Some visionary will see the potential at some point - I wouldn’t be shocked if the biggest athletes on the planet in 30 years all play in VR games.


Yeah, the more I consider it the more they have to just move away from them. The movie line is already pretty full with everything they have plus FF and X Men - they might just outright kill those franchises for several years.


I was wrong.

It was 3.


I donno, try telling that to everyone I know under 15. It’s all my nephews do. All the time. They just watch other people play games.

I’m not even immune, I’ve watched 3 play-throughs of entire games. I’m probably going to watch a play through of Red Dead Redemption over Christmas on my phone as I’ll not get time to actually play it once I finish Red Dead 2.

Seriously, I thought the same thing for years but people are out there watching games in their millions at this point.


In fact you might find this interesting. It’s about 18 months old right now but it gives an idea of just how big a market there is for watching games and layout of the land.

A lot of people watch other people play games. According to the industry researchers at SuperData, the “worldwide gaming video content audience” includes 665 million people .

It didn’t come out of nowhere but our generation were just looking the other direction when it happened.