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This article is probably the best insight into the inner workings of Netflix:


That’s an essay!! I’ll have to read it later.


Have you ever looked at much of Netflix’s social media presence? It always seems a bit bizarre to me. It gives me the feeling that it’s ran by someone very much not aiming for me demographic-wise which is fair.


It is bizarre at times. They really seem to be aiming more at the reddit meme generation but staying away from anything you’d think was possible to offend so it’s just the weirdness that comes through. I think it’s a case of seeming as fresh as possible. It makes sense because they won’t come across as stuffy or unhip like a proper business that way and people are much more comfortable hashtagging them with netflixandchill or whatever. It doesn’t feel like you are advertising for them or that you’re being played, it’s all very organic. They don’t force social media coverage or use influencers, they keep it real in that sense and it goes a lonnnng way with people. When you see a Netflix show trending you know it’s worth watching because they don’t fake that stuff. It really works in their favour in terms of credibility.


What interesting is that Netflix, in their statement announcing the cancellation of Daredevil, said Daredevil would live on in other Marvel projects. So it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Disney continue some of this stuff. Jeph Loeb also said that Daughters of the Dragon is one of the most requested shows he hears about. What Disney might have to do to make that happen, I don’t know. It may or may not be feasible. But if any company can pull it off, it’ll be Disney. If they want something, they find a way to make it happen.


I also wonder if Jeph Loeb will stay in charge if Marvel TV is pulled under the larger Disney Marvel umbrella. Business-wise it has kind of existed in its own realm as still part of Marvel proper under the current arrangement. If Disney is taking a stronger hand in that, I don’t see that continuing for long.


The Streaming Wars are about subscribers, and only about subscribers. Netflix break down their audience into clusters to makes sure that cluster has the type of programs they like. Rather than the networks offering one show that everyone watches, Netflix want to offer 10 shows that are more atuned with 10 different types of people. So you’d never watch everything Netflix offers, you only watch the shows tailored to you.

I’ve heard Mark talk about this already when we’ve spoken. With his properties they’re making modifications based on trying to hit different markets. So some of the shows will be very different from the comics (Nemesis could be anime, Chrononauts could be a period drama, MPH could be set in Eastern Europe - none of these are actual plans, they’re just examples off the top of my head).

This is why they’re not big on the social media thing, and why they dump a season in one go. The intention is to offer original programming that you yourself discover, and to move away from the shared experience that TV and movies are today. So watching a show is very much like reading a book, and Netflix is your library. If it’s your library then you stay as a subscriber.

I got halfway. It’s needlessly long and doesn’t say very much.


I don’t think he will. I think they’ll want a showrunner to be their Feige, and Jeph was more skilled towards networking with the other TV companies. He’s still a huge influence, but I think them more likely to get someone new as his hit rate wasn’t great.

I think they’ll have to start over with all the characters, but I imagine fans will want more Charlie Cox, John Bernthal and Krysten Ritter.


I want more Jessica Henwick. Seriously all that set up for her character ended up wasted, which is a shame.

That said, I do wonder if Disney might struggle since they’ll be splitting their efforts across 2 streaming services (Disney+ for the PG stuff and Hulu for the edgier stuff). I could see people getting pissed off with that.


I should add that I expect Disney to win the streaming wars. Their back catalog is too large. So long as they don’t get greedy about the money then every single home would pay $15 a month to have every Disney animated movie, all the Marvels, all the Star Wars, all the Pixar and everything that comes from Fox. And given the choice between that and Netflix you’d pick Disney - particularly if you have kids. I’d sign up right now for that kind of access. They don’t even need much new programming for me to buy that back catalog.

That said, both will win. I just think Netflix need to do more to become the anti-Disney, offering stuff Disney won’t (more adult fare for example, or more international stuff). If Disney are pure and light, Netflix has to be dark and twisty.

I think Netflix are crazy for not getting into the porn business too.

I think they’ll have to make it one service. And I think Disney are getting out of the adult business. They are in their movies, and they’ll do the same with everything else. I think they want a family service.


I was going to say you probably know more from conversations but I didn’t want to presume. That’s good info of Netflix thought process.

That’s a fair reason to explain why social media doesn’t need worried about for all their content. I still don’t believe that they don’t consider it at all but I can see an argument now for why viewing figures are important. A library still needs bestsellers and obviously overall cost factors in there.


Jim is right re Disney. In the UK the Disney streaming service has been around a little while. It was something like 8 GBP a month when we had it. It had star wars and marvel cartoons, but no movies, as these were licensed elsewhere in the UK. So it was mainly all the animation, and not even all the most recent movies. It also came with 10% off at the Disney store. Even with that more limited content, in a house with two kids under 10, it’s a no brainier.


Hasn’t that been WB’s approach :rofl:

But I do agree that Netflix needs to be there to offer more mature options since the Disney service will be PG-13 at most. People want their sex and violence. So if Disney won’t offer that, Netflix should know their lane and embrace it.


Close to me is a library that has car manuals on every kind of car you can imagine. It’s a huge extensive collection. Most books would only be taken out once or twice a year, but if you work on cars then it’s the most important resource you can imagine. That might be only 2% of the people coming to the library, but it makes sure those 2% never leave.

I think that’s what Netflix are going for. If I were them I’d look into buying up travel channels and food channels. DIY channels. I think YouTube has dropped the ball on being the go to place for learning stuff, YouTube doesn’t know what it wants to become when it grows up. If I were Netflix I’d have extensive programs on how to cook 1000 different recipes, travel documentaries on 500 different cities, a huge series on home maintenance and repair. And I’d be spending a fortune on history programming. Netflix could become the world’s educator on a scale that the BBC could only imagine.


This is probably the way it’ll go. Netflix can still cater to kids cheaply, but I’d agree the content will continue to get darker and more adult.

I also agree with this. It would stop a lot of the studio’s struggle with piracy in many ways. Plenty of individual studios do very well asking for $99 dollars a year or whatever for a video sometimes only every one or two weeks, if someone consolidated them they could make an absolute killing.


I feel like writing “Netflix wants to know your location” here because they should absolutely do all of those things. They could really destroy terrestrial TV completely with that.


Take with a grain of salt:


Heh, I talk about this with Mark. I always thought Netflix was the place for him as I think they’re the future. I think the only thing that can save TV is sports and news.

Netflix are smart guys, I’m sure they know all this already and must have some of this in their future. Someone has to push them into the porn space though, I think they’d get a huge amount of subscribers and they need to just be adult about it and say we can offer porn and also offer quality programming. They don’t need to be Skinemax.


They would try to heavily rely on reality tv but that seems straining as it is. I think reality shows only have a few more years shelf life, even in the reasonably interestinh ones like professional Masterchef or the Apprentice I can feel that they have nowhere to go now. So yeah I think again you are right.

That doesn’t bode overly well for news or sport though. News channels will feel they need to entertain even more. I guess sport is entertainment in and of itself but some of the shit you see channels do now is ridiculous and more and more WWE type stuff is filtering in. That Fury/Wider shoving business was so fake. My eyes rolled so hard they fell off my face.


Wifey watches the Cake Baking show on Netflix already. Reality TV doesn’t need to be a live experience - she’s watching a season from years ago and she’s enjoying it very much. To me there’s only sports (as I hate watching the fucking news). Some day Netflix will live stream sports, and then they’ll give you the chance to watch some old matches from the past and that’ll be it. However, I think Netflix should be looking into developing some new sports. Most sports are very old when you think about it, and have a monopoly over us mainly because of marketing. I’d like to see Netflix introduce some brand new sporting ideas. And I think they should be bidding for the Olympics if they get their live streaming service figured out.

Netflix are definitely changing how we watch TV.