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The designs are cool, but they look too much like Thanos’ first lackey in A1 and GotG1… I don’t know if people would’ve recognized him as red skull with those designs.


A lot of people seemed to barely recognise him as it was.


Ture… they should totally keep those designs around for when (and if) they get to Mephisto and hell.


Agreed with the consensus; good designs, but they would’ve been wrong for the whole point of including him. Knowing who he was.



I love the look of this so far. I hope it doesn’t become another Lego Batman Movie where the turnout fails to match the initial interest.


I think, in a way, Lego movies are shot in the foot a little with so much content, games, TV, straight to bluray… This has a few things going for it… the slick animation, the Marvel wave between Avengers 3 and 4 (which I think really helped Venom more than Sony would ever admit) and now… whilst sad and we are all mourning… Stan Lee’s passing will kind of make this a special thing, coming so soon after. Obviously that can be said about every Marvel movie on the way, but this is probably particularly special as he is so synonymous with Spidey. Looking at trailers it already seems like a celebration of Spider-man so it’s wonderfully timely and bound to choke us all up when they put a dedication up to both him and Steve. I feel a bit tearful even thinking of that.

But yeah, in general, I now have a feeling this is going to be the biggest movie this Christmas and blow Aquaman away.


Supposedly Stan Lee makes a cameo in the new Wreck-It Ralph movie too.

I think this animated Spidey film will be very cool but I don’t see it having huge box office. Superheroes mean live action to the general public. Animated superheroes are still considered pretty niche or kids-only.

I also wonder if the public is all that interested in the concept of a “Spider-verse”. I am a lifelong comics reader and I know I’m not. (Although I do think the animation in these trailers is great and definitely plan to see it)


It is kind of a shame that the last one before his death was Venom.


I was trying to remember what Stan Lee’s first cameo was. Was it Fantastic Four? I don’t remember him in Spider-Man or X-men.


The Incredible Hulk I think. The 80s one.


He’s at the end of X-Men, when Kelly is walking out of the sea onto the beach.


Oh that’s right, I completely forgot about that. Was he in Spider-Man as well then?


Kids only can do big box office on its own, but I think this will have a fair bit of crossover appeal - the animation isn’t too childish so I can see a lot of MCU fans going to see it.


I really thought that he was in the TV Spiderman for a long time but i dont think he was actually in it as opposed to just being in a ton of photos with the guy Hammil who played Peter Parker and the foil-eyed Spidey.


I’ve just realized you mean the Spider-Man movies. Yeah he’s been in all six.


That’s about half way through the film. I think they use the scene to help set up the Statue of Liberty at the end.


Yeah, he’s at the parade the Green Goblin attacks


I feel this Spidey movie will be like Lego Batman. It feels like it should be a straight to DVD release, and I see no appeal to non kids whatsoever. It’s an incredibly geeky concept, I think most people won’t like there being so many Spideys. There’s no compelling reason to see this in the cinema.

Aquaman on the other hand I think has a very broad appeal as it’s funny and spectacular, and will let you see something you rarely see on the big screen. It’s got a broad Pirates of the Caribbean appeal.