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The TV series could be a flashback ‘untold tales’ sort of thing.


Starring Matt Damon.


I think the problem with doing a story about Loki’s past, or Loki in general, is that you need to explain why Thor, Odin, etc aren’t there.

Is Kevin Feige involved in these new shows at all, or is it still the same people behind the rest of the TV projects?


No idea, although he’s talking about them in the press;

They’re using charcters who originated in the films, which was only true of Coulson and occasional guest stars before.

I would expect the movie people to be in the conversation, but since we don;t know where the next phase of the films is really going yet, they may be moving these characters off the big screen entirely?


Marvel Studios will produce the shows and Kevin Feige, the guru of all things MCU, is expected to take a hands-on role in their development.

That’s the best I could find.


Dave Bautista may have a suggestion about that…


It sounds a bit like an extension of the “one shot” short films that appeared on the early MCU Blu-Rays, which often did feature some of the movie players more prominently (although usually not new footage of the major stars).


Uh, I believe you forgot someone:


Well first of all they should probably move Runaways and Cloak & Dagger to their new streaming service from wherever the fuck they’re airing atm, 'cause none is talking about those shows and they’re pretty good quality (irregardless of their target audience).

And secondly, I keep thinking: Watch as piracy will rise once more in the coming years as all these new shows start splintering amongst all these new services… u_u


I also suspect people outside the US may benefit, at least in the medium term. Disney most likely will be an exception with their size but it’s really difficult to launch a streaming service globally. Netflix took years to get there because there are so many legal issues. So right now for Star Trek Discovery people in the US have to sign up to another service, in the rest of the world it’s on Netflix as I don’t think CBS have the means or the name recognition to expand that way.


They will, or at least they will stop licensing show rights to anyone else as and when they can.

Disney’s long term goal is for all Disney characters to be seen in only Disney media; films,TV, comics, novels, games, whatever.


They’re on Hulu and Freeform respectively, both of which are mostly owned by Disney.


It’ll be interesting to see what Disney does with Hulu now that they’ll be a majority stakeholder once the Fox deal is finalized. Not sure where it fits into their grand plans.


Iger said yesterday that it’ll be made available internationally.


And another early Infinity War design for Steve Rogers:


Oh that one is very USAgent-like… They kinda missed a beat by not giving him that costume… but I do like his tattered costume…


I could see Hulu becoming their outlet for more mature content that won’t fit at Disney+.


A bit Punisher-esque.


Plus, he’s a got. I mean, I know they started out more as sci-fi aliens in the Marvel universe, but after Hela and Thor 3, it’s pretty much gone into god territory, so clawing your way back from the underworld or whatever should certainly be an option.

To be honest, I will be glad to see him back - that was such a mean way to die for such a fun character. My kid is a big fan of Loki and I felt sort of angry on his behalf at how he was killed.

With Gamorra, I think she actually might stay dead. I agree that the group needs someone to ground them, and also a straight man to play their jokes off of, but you could introduce another character for that. Gamorra’s death had such a deep meaning to the story of Infinity War - as opposed to Loki’s - that it’d actually make sense if she was the one who’s not coming back.