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They made the right call… the soldier look is really cool for sure, but it only works within the context of the Annihilation book, where he was essentially in an army. For a scavenger kind of guy, the one they used looks much better… but hey, if they every do something like they Annihilation story, it’d be interesting to have him dressed like that.

Also, now that I think about it, Star Lord might hold the record of most retcons in all comicbooks… at least in such a short period of time =P


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John Walker confirmed??? :smile:




The PG-13 Deadpool 2 re-release will give money to charity. And uh, it’s called Once Upon A Deadpool.


Should have gone with He’s Only Mostly Deadpool.


Oh he’s all Deadpool.


Pfff can’t believe they’re doing this… so stupid.

The fact of the matter is that yes, they could make a PG DP3, in fact it might actually be a good challenge for Reynolds and co. to excersise a bit more creativity than in DP2 (and stop relying on the crude jokes and f-bombs for laughs).

If there is ONE character that can get away with blatant censorship and actually make a meta comentary out of it, it’s precisely DP. But now they’re gonna blow their wad with just making DP2 PG… so lame…



Does it matter if it’s just another edition? If it affects DP3 and they aim that at PG13 then fair enough but otherwise to me it’s no different to a TV edit of any number of films, just with a theatrical release. Just enjoy the original cut and ignore it.


Well I mean, no it doesn’t matter per se… but my point is that they’re clearly testing a PG Deadpool, and I dunno, I think it’s kind of a lame way of doing so, plus it has the risk of not working and it affecting DP3.

I mean, unless they’re reshooting stuff, I suppose they’re just gonna bleep curses and maybe edit some visuals (maybe even change dialogue) but the point is, they’re gonna “censor” what they have, instead of just going for a PG DP3. I guess we’ll see… I don’t think it’s the best move, that’s all.


They’ve said they shot a few new scenes, and obviously all of DP’s dialogue can be changed without much work as you never see his lips move under the mask.


It wont make the same money as the uncut movie, but it’ll do well. The censorship jokes and the meta commentary are very Deadpool.

Kids may actually be less interested, as they’ll watch the uncut version at home (or a friend’s home) but plenty of adults will go for a laugh.

I don’t think I’ll be one of them, I thought the sequel was a bit flat compared to the first one, but maybe I’ll hear that this is an improvement?