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But doesn’t Black Widow already have a different director attached already?

I don’t really find either very far fetched. Both movies have been announced. Both have directors attached. Eternals still feels like a weird choice, but if they move forward with it then a release date that’s about 2 years from now seems reasonable.


Marvel have never done any kind of a fake-out, they could start now, bit it’s not likely to me.


Forgot about that. However, I still think an Eternals movie is bullshit. I think it’s a cover for something else.


Fantastic 4ever?


Take with a grain of salt:


Honestly, any type of Hawkeye solo project, if it ever happens, would be best suited for Disney’s streaming service where it can be done for a very low budget. I just don’t see a feature film being a big draw.


He’s toast.


What an asshole. No wonder there’s behind-the-scenes troubles for Runaways. That sort of shit would never even come into my head. Therapy! Now!


It’s like my mom always said: “Never trust guys with names like ‘Kip.’ They’re scum.”





Any relation, Todd?


No relation.


Kinda proving his point.


Good. Then we are free to call him scum! :grin:


Todd said noting about adoption.



Wow you need to be some sort of special stupid to think you’ll get away with something like that these days…


I have a theory that cocaine may have led to ol’ Kip outsmarting himself in this instance.