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Arcade - Jack Black
Mr. Sinister - Richard E. Grant
Sebastian Shaw - Bryan Cranston
Emma Frost - Emma Roberts


Wasn’t REG’s Logan character supposed to be Sinister at some point?


Just as a general note, I am fairly confident with Chrises but I am starting to lose track of Emmas.


Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts. Known for playing comically over-the-top bitchy characters on Scream Queens and American Horror Story.



Arcade - Walter Goggins
Mr. Sinister - Liam Neeson
Sebastian Shaw - John Hamm
Emma Frost - Rosamund Pike


Some BossLogic fan art:


Arcade is one of the cheesiest and lamest villains, so I hope they’ll saty faaar away… Might as well go with Mojo for that kind of thing…


If they ever made a Power Pack movie, or something, then I could see maybe using Arcade there.



This has been a good day for Thanos jokes.


An interesting new angle on the cancellations:


Sooooooooo … they listened to the audience?

How modern.




This seems a bit farfetched.


Does it list the 13 reasons why she’s appearing in Avengers 4?


How can it be “rumored to be revealed”? Either it’s revealed or it’s not.


I think the choices seem pretty likely. Black Widow seems like a no brainer, Ant Man level cheap to make and film, short production time.

Eternals feels like it could be an Inhmans type mistake. If it’s a zany comedy about kooky ancient aliens they need the right talent to pull that off.


I can see Black Widow, yeah, but not the movie they say it’ll be. I can’t see them placing it in the past, I think they’ll want to bolster the film itself with cameos from at least Shuri if not another few female characters.

Eternals doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. It sounds like pure made up bullshit but it was announced in Hollywood Reporter. The director has not done any zany comedies so I think that it’s smoke and mirrors and the director signed on to direct Eternals is actually directing Black Widow and Marvel are putting a blue harvest style place marker for something they don’t want to announce yet.