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As Magneto would say

I want to see her as she really is


I thought the costume in the second season worked. The main issue with the first season’s costume was the helmet, which they changed almost immediately in the second.


It was kind of okay, but it worked far less well than the simple black one he used before it.


Also going to in Movie Magic.


Has anyone seen the fan edit of the MCU movies recut as an episodic series?

I just started watching it and it really is great. The first “season” is phase 1. It’s a lot more decompressed than I expected, mainly focusing on the first Cap, Iron Man and Norton Hulk movies. They play with the post-credits teasers nicely - incorporating scenes that we all know and love from the movies as ways to speed the storytelling process along.

They do a great job with ending the episodes on some sort of cliffhanger, awesome moment and queing up the Avengers theme each time.

I can’t imagine the level of work that goes into this, but I hope they eventually do all the phases.


I’ve did somewhat the same thing when making a chronological cut. I’m on the last couple now, you can have a look at mine after and see how they compare :grin:



So much for “we’ll run these as long as we like”.

Although, likely it’s for Heroes For Hire.


So, I am definitely feeling a bit @fanboy about this. I’m not going to @fanboy. Nope, not going to do it. Going to stay calm and rational.

Starts up Grand Theft Auto Online


It’d better be.

On a somewhat lighter note, another “actor wants to work” article:


I see him more as Mojo.




It should be pointed out that Netflix haven’t ordered a new Marvel series in 2.5 years, when The Punisher got a show.


Kind of a relief, really.


From where their second seasons left them there is a lot of narrative work for the Luke and Danny characters to get into a place where they would be teaming up. Colleen and Misty are in that place already so Daughters of the Dragon would be easy enough to roll right into. Use that to set up Heroes for Hire and go from there. Likely wouldn’t cost any more than what had already been budgeted for third seasons of Iron Fist and Luke Cage.


I see Matthew McConnaghy (sp?) as Arcade.


English Chris Evans as Arcade


Not nearly as good as John Cena as Arcade.


I’m curious about what deal Marvel and Netflix had. As in, how long does Netflix have the TV rights for these characters if they cancel the shows. Can they still go in for a Heroes for Hire or Daughters of the Dragon show OR does this just open the door for Disney to take them back and do those shows on their streaming service?

But yeah, it’s an interesting move a day or so after their comment about running the shows as long as they want.


Touching on that: