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I wonder if some of this is a “maturing” of the audience. X-Men came out in 2000 and Raimi’s Spider-Man was 2002. The MCU proper began in 2008. As the audience ages and have seen a fairly consistent product, they are now looking for something different. Deadpool, Logan, and now Venom show people are open to projects outside the baseline. Different takes and genres aimed at different audiences with appropriate budgets.


I think really what we have at this stage is three generations.

There’s us, 30 and over comic book lovers who remember superheroes were a joke - in fact, geekdom in general was a subset joke consisting mainly of nerdy types.

Then there are the 15-30 year olds. They were introduced to Superheroes and geekdom through decent movies and the internet as they grew up.

Then there’s the under 15s. They couldn’t imagine a world that wasn’t steeped in nerd culture. They watch superheroes do conga lines on YouTube as toddlers.

What seems to be happening is the same as what happened to us only on a wider scale. As we grew older we found more mature properties and story lines to love. I think the same seems to be happening on that wider scale with the 15-30s. Then obviously you have all of us to bolster that because we are well matured now.

̶L̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶s̶s̶.̶ Like a fine wine.


Makes me wonder, how would Watchmen be received these days? or even flicks like Constantine and V for Vendetta… I really think they would’ve done waaay better at the BO if they had been released this year. But I think Snyder’s Watchmen would be totally more “relevant” at this point than whenever it was released…


It was made far too early.

Cinema audiences needed to go through a version of what comic readers went through, as the range and complexity of the genre changed over time.

Hopefully people are ready for the ‘Watchmen’ TV show.

And hopefully it’s good.


Yep, I thought when Watchmen came out that it was too soon, audiences needed to get more submerged in the superhero conventions before they subverted and challenged them. Maybe Kick-Ass too, ahead of its time for movie audiences.

Deadpool struck at just the right moment I think.


Kick-Ass, as a movie, played way too much into standard conventions than it played around with them or anything.


Indeed, but the funny thing is it works today… I mean if you watch Watchmen today, it works after this decade of SH movies… it’s like Snyder accurately predicted the SH movie tropes that would be employed in the next decade+ (wether he did it on purpose or not).


Jupiter’s Legacy stands ready to be the Watchmen of this era. It deconstructs the superhero idea perfectly.


Also, I think we’re at a good time right now to get a Planetary TV show… both in terms of production quality possibilites and in terms of enough public awareness of the SH tropes/archetypes for it to work…


I am not sure you can quite pull off that level of superhero world on TV. But maybe The Boys will prove differently.



Netflix have the budget - they’d spend Game of Thrones money for a hit TV show. Plus Stephen DeKnight is the showrunner and he’s able to do great things with TV budgets.


Yeah, Netflix is willing to spend tons of money on their original content. Altered Carbon couldn’t have been cheap, for example. It’s why I have really high hopes for Jupiter’s Legacy and other Millarworld projects. Netflix is going to go all out on those.


It’s the clam before the storm. The forum is pretty quiet these days, not much going on in the world of Millar, but in 2020 there’s going to be so many shows in the public arena that it could transform this place.


Now I’m hungry.

Altered Carbon was the most expensive show they did. I believe I saw that the cost was $3 million per an episode.


I’ve heard it was twice that.

Only Netflix and their partners know and they’re not telling.



No reason they should rush to cancel them. I’m sure Disney would be happy if they did since it means they could find ways to use the characters on their streaming service. But as long as Netflix users are watching the shows, Netflix is going to keep them going.


I was talking about Planetary, but yeah, the same worry goes for Jupiter’s Legacy. DeKnight’s Daredevil was great, but there’s hardly any actual superpowers in there. And they didn’t really manage to make the costume work.