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Is that the Silver Surfer’s dick?


Robert. Cmon that’s ridiculous.
It’s clearly Blue Marvels penis


Oh my god, it’s a lens flare! Run! Run from JJ Abrams!!


Gwyneth Paltrow giving out some Avengers 4 spoilers like she was Mark Ruffalo on truth serum…


I think I remember some of this coming up around the time of release (looking at it, that link is from May). I wonder if it hints at the final status of these characters after Avengers 4, rather than how things kick off at the start of the movie.


Ah, I didn’t realise it was an old link. I do usually pay attention to things, honest. Must have been distracted by the build up to the World Cup. I might stick a tenner on Germany. I think they’ll do quite well.



Okay then. Um, trailer?


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For those keeping score, ‘Venom’ dropped 55% this weekend, which is totally normal amount for a big action movie.

Well done Sony, they made their first succesful Spiderman spinoff.


Yeah same drop as IW… that’s what they were already expecting… I’m glad for Hardy & co.


So Venom is now officially a success? Well I never.


I don’t trust their budget figures, but $380m so far? Yes it’s a hit.


I’m glad Hardy finally has a franchise to call his own. Guy earned it.


Agreed, it was great news that he opened a KFC in Croydon.


That is very true.


I still have almost no interest in Venom (and I worry its success will lead to some really terrible Spider-Man spin-offs), but good for Hardy indeed. He’s the only reason I’d consider watching Venom.


I think the main message from Venom is that we’re still not tired of Superhero movies. Even any old shit will fill the seats. It also suggests that aiming away from all ages and serving an older audience is a safe bet with more obscure/less mainstream characters. With this, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Kingsman, Kick Ass and so on I think the audiences are telling studios just what they want. I’m looking through the IMDB listings of comic book movies and I don’t see many major flops over the last 3 years. The strikeout rate is incredible.

Atomic Blonde, Valerian and Ghost in the Shell probably come closest to flops (FF is the biggest proper flop from August 2015). So don’t make the movies too weird either.


Venom’s success also highlights how big a fuck up Justice League was, in my mind. Here’s an (not quite) Spider-Man spin-off on pace to do nearly as well at the box office as Justice League. Plus Venom cost about 1/3 what JL did. Fans are clearly still into superhero stuff so how did Justice League blow it so hard?

I think it puts even more pressure on Aquaman to be a solid hit.


Anybody read Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress? One of my faves. The awake computer, Mike, struggles with humor. His buddy/repairman Manny (who absolutely needs to be played by Morgan Freeman) helps him by breaking down humor into funny-once or funny-always. Not too successful, but it helped.

So with Marvel movies. Most are fun to watch in the theater and again at home. The experience of just riding the wave is theater fun. At home one can pause, study, go back and catch that missed line or effect. Some can run in the background on the strength of the soundtrack alone. Some cannot even be fully tolerated once (Catwoman and F4F for me, can’t tolerate 'em).

I again own a bunch of movies, been adding about one a month (hopefully on sale). Some I play often, just as familiar noise. Some get into heavy rotation. A couple I rarely watch. (I own Godfather 3, bought in in a bundle, never ran it - once long ago was enough.) Performance in home video is vastly different from performance in a theatrical run. We can even tell by things like acquisitions. Here’s a weird anecdote. I bought the original Wicker Man, one day it just plain disappeared. Did Comcast tell me why? No. Did Comcast end up in Miqque’s hostile sights? Yes. Turns out they lost the contract, it was “unavailable” although “purchased”. Yeah, it cost them the equivalent of a gold-plated BluRay. Miqque don’t mess. Last week? Wicker Man is back on sale. Now, let’s just see if Miqque can restore that to the library at no cost. But this is symbolic of the weirdness that can go on behind the scenes. The original Universal monster films still command money and draw an audience when screened. That’s nearly a century of being cash cows. And it purely goes to the owners, residuals and such have long expired.

As far as I can tell, even with insider information there is still no accurate way for an outsider to make a solid guess about how well any particular item is doing. If Netflix, I’d need hard numbers. They seem happy and keep spending money, much like HBO. Others seem to struggle a bit; and I suspect they built on a shakier data foundation.