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I’m really looking forward to Daredevil season 3. Season 1 was pretty great and I thought Season 2 was better than most (the 1st half was better than the second and it could have been about 3 episodes shorter, but I still enjoyed it). The return of Fisk should help the show a lot.


Donofrio is just so good in the role. It was interesting to see that he’s pally with Bill Sienkiewicz and has clearly read his work, I felt he very much channelled the Fisk seen in Love and War with Frank Miller.

(Not as huge of course). :smile:


So long as they avoid repeating Fisk being super triggered into psychopathic mass slaughterer rage by some idiot going “Hey Fisk! I did you Momma!”, it should be good.



Season two left off with an interesting change in direction. So its a bit disappointing, but not to surprising. Apart from Daredevil, I think the whole Marvel/Netflix universe has gotten rather stale.


Season 1 of The Punisher was damn good. Although the way it ended felt kind of perfect so I have doubts about how much I’ll enjoy season 2.


Yeah, like Chris says, Punisher is the best Netflix series after Daredevil. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with season 2, but I have a lot of trust that Lightfoot knows what he’s doing. He’s quite a find, as a showrunner.


Scrap it and Luke Cage for Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon?


Goddamnit yes


I honestly enjoyed Defenders quite a bit, so I’d be down for a S2 of that as well… But yeah, just send the characters to one of those other series or do a H4H or DoD…



Well she obviously got the better deal, considering how Storm has always been wasted in the Fox-men movies…


There aren’t enough amen’s for that statement.


Case in point:


That scene was bad but the entirety of her character in Apocalypse was far worse.


Storm was also a real piece o’ crap in X-Men 3 with Rogue.

The idea of Rogue deciding she didn’t want her powers, that no, they are not a part of her, or a definition was a good one. Storm’s going that she mustn’t give them up. Rogue’s response isn’t anywhere near as explicit as it should be, which is:

Of course you like your powers you can fly and control the fuckin’ weather. I drain people’s life on contact!


I approve this message


Not to mention the crap she gave Logan because of Jean.


Storm is so terrible in the movies that I forget how awesome she was in the comics.