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Save yourself, don’t do it. :smirk:


Sure. As much as I don’t like Evans in the role, I’m just goofing off on it. At this point Evans/Cena, MoS, Prometheus, etc should be jokes we can all appreciate, pro or con.


You can probably get away with just watching the last ep of Defenders to get caught up on where Daredevil is and save yourself a lot of time.


There’s a pretty simple rule with Evans as Cap: he is good in any film where he’s allowed to be a hipster, whether that means living in Brooklyn (First Avenger) or sporting a beard (Infinity War).

In the rest of the films you can toss his performance.


I think you missed Winter Soldier. You should watch it it’s great…


There’s an entire subplot in Winter Soldier about how Steve only listens to old vinyl and claims to have no knowledge of modern culture, I don’t know how much more hipster you can get.


Wait until Avengers 4 when he convinces Thanos to restore the universe after getting him drunk on his craft beer.


Steve Rogers was fighting Tony Stark and Spider-Man before it was cool.


Not just any fighting. Artisan fighting.


It’s not craft beer, it’s hand batch beer.


Speaking of Aquaman… does Fox have the rights to Namor? or is he still tied in a mess with another company? :thinking:


That Daredevil trailer looks great. It’s been far too long, and I didn’t realize how much I missed that show.


Last news was it was sitting with universal and it was complicated. This may have to do with Fox and fantastic four but the “truth” has never been leaked out.

If aqua man is successful I’m sure we will start seeing Namor rumours come out of the woodwork


Namor’s rights are tied up with Universal.


Mmm… too bad, Fox could’ve done something really cool with him… more horror-oriented… I doubt Disney’ll do anything other than regular SH stuff (if they ever even sort that mess out)… =/


I do wonder how long Universal can hold onto that one without doing anything. It must be longer than a decade now.


It may be like the Hulk rights, where (if I remember correctly) Marvel Studios regained the production rights, while Universal retained - and still retain - distribution rights for a solo Hulk movie. Which is why Disney aren’t making one!

So maybe, like with Hulk, Disney could include Sub-Mariner in an ensemble film and distribute it themselves, but couldn’t do so with a solo Sub-Mariner film (which might be more significant now that Disney are picking up the Fantastic Four from Fox).

Who knows though, really. As with all these things there are gaps in what we know, and only certain details have been made public.




The third season Daredevil is getting good reviews. What I find most encouraging is the suggestion is that there’s no fat this season and it moves along briskly.