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F y’all he was a great Cap. His Cap was so much more than a flat top Jarhead that Cena would have been. Cena would have been laughed out of the room by Hemsworth, RDJ, Ruffalo and Johansson. Play your stupid little games all you like but the facts remains.




Yeah, Evans as Cap was the solid rock of the MCU, which is what Cap should be.

Edit: On a personal note, I’m still gladly surprised at how well they managed to pull off Cap. I was always afraid he might come across as some sort of “USA, USA!” kind of propaganda thing, but they really got it pitch perfect, as far as I’m concerned, and Evans was a big part of it.


God, look at all that nuance! Four emotions in a single shot. How did he not get an Oscar?













Could John Cena play a dog so convincingly? No. fact.


He already has his next project lined up:


He couldn’t play a golden retriever but he could easily be a Dane or mastiff. And the fact is he’d have been much better than Chris “Monotone” Evans.


I tease a bit about Chris Evans. I think the part was fairly poorly written though. They tried at some combination of 616 and Ultimate Cap and ended up in a mushy middle ground that was almost the worst of both worlds. It was exasperated by the fact that they cast someone who didn’t embody the role very well.


Today: is Evans a good Cap?
Tomorrow: Was Man Of Steel any good?
Saturday: What did anyone think of Prometheus?




Today: April 1st
Tomorrow: April 1st
Saturday: April 1st


What really matters is that we can all agree The Last Jedi was [insert word here].


You’re all Russian trolls.


I was, to be honest, just making a joke. His Cap is fine and he seems like a good dude.


Your most positive post ever!




Misdirection? Nothing in what he wrote actually confirms he is leaving or Cap is dying and Marvel and their Disney Censor Hitsquad are notorious for finger snapping spoilers out of existence.


I finally got around to watching the DD s.3 trailer.

I fell off the Marvel Netflix series early on in Luke Cage, and never went back - but this looks like it’s going to be worth a watch.

I’ll have to see if I have time to fit in Defenders in the next couple of weeks.