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Book your ticket Lorcan!


I second this What?!!


No no, they’re much much better… they’re basically on the same level as a Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. So yeah, good, but maybe a bit slow and decompressed (although that’s the majority of tv shows, to be fair).



To the interwebs!


Yep. That was the only Spider-Verse issue that I ever read, thanks to the concept plus Gerard Way writing it. It was a fun one-shot, as far as I remember. I would have bought a monthly series for sure.




Mmmm best this be Nate Grey


There’s been some art of him floating around recently, hasn’t there?



Is this taken from Born Again?


Born Again has been confirmed as a major influence on this series, yeah.


Dammit !! Wrong Marvel thread!!!


Who could that be???
Of course it’s Bullseye


Love how focused this season seems to be. Not generally a fan of identity theft storylines in superheroics, but nevertheless everything about this looks great.

That makes a lot of sense, yep.





What Evans should have been doing is tweeting an apology for not being John Cena, the one true Cap and the greatest god damned actor on the planet.


There is no way Chris Evans showed an emotion on a Marvel set, sorry.


Yeah he showed multiple emotions.