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I don’t think so.

But I’m not dwelling on it.

If the DCU had continued they might’ve returned to the Kryptonian idea, but Wonder Woman played it’s god cards pretty strongly. Because those involved thought that served the movie better.

Even though the MCU has connected all their dots along the way, kind of, they also diverge from them. Thor is an alien, they establish in his first film that he and other Asgardians have been playing god for thousands of years, but they know they’re flesh and blood (albeit long lived and very tough).

By the time we get to Ragnorok there are visionary dreams, fulfilled prophecies, godddesses of death and it’s all played surprisingly straight for a comedy. They’re still Asgardians, but they’re also a bit supernatural in the narrative.





Nah, they covered that in the first Thor movie. By the time they got to Ragnorok, it was just magic.


I would expect him to look more like David Hasselhoff.



Of course the ending has been decided, but nobody has told Ruffalo what it is because they know he’ll blow it in a interview :laughing:




None of the above?

The answer to the Biggest Bad is Mephisto.

BTW, speaking of which, this just came out.


Yeah, I agree with Mephisto. Let’s work our way up to One More Day on the big screen.




Oooooh shit. I have the trades but oh my I love a good Omnibus.


Also ps it’s cheaper here


Many moons ago, in the realm of X-Fan, the folks I ended up chatting with were Gail Simone and Jim Krueger, and Jim and I have been friends since. One bit was me and two other anonymous types had this heavy philosophy thread going on, and that influenced a lot of how Paradise X got shaped. There were supposed to be two more issues, so I hope the omnibus has the script and some art at least. The last page of the original issue was mostly text due to those two issues. Last entry in thanks is “X-Fan”. Original unredacted text was “X-Fan’s Miqque, Cade and The Professor”. At least the good intention was there! I also solved a wee problem for Alex (Ross), for which he was going to buy me dinner. We were to meet at SDCC. We were all there (last time I got to SDCC), but, wires crossed, no meet - and I’m much happier that Alex owes me a dinner than saying we had some dinner! This type of blackmail is fun!

PS - I just took the link I found right away. Haven’t shopped it.



I’m going to choose to believe this is not a Skull movie and she just goes around punching old ladies.


So…seems like they’re making her Mahr-vehl?
Or at least, mixing things together?
Interesting choice.


It doesn’t surprise me much. Carol’s backstory is rather complicated, I think I’d have made a similar choice.

The trailer looks good but I think it’ll need some more (which will of course inevitably come) to flesh out what the story is about.


It’s better than the alternatives, yeah.
Looks alright - I’m always partial to superhero movies now that are only about itself and it gives off that vibe.


The original origin is a bit too close to Green Lantern, so it makes sense to change it.