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But money is Green, and therefore Hulk changed color to grey and a new Hulk with Red skin was introduced.



Fuck those guys.


You want to fuck those guys? Maybe they’re right about Bruce’s.


I certainly thought Bruce Wayne and Bruce Lee would have changed that.



Thanks Todd, I thought of that this morning but didn’t have time to find it before work. :smile:


That Thor 3 one had me rolling


Yeah that’s definitely the best one.


That was my favorite.



just read the article on Captain Marvel in Entertainment Weekly and learned the film makers inspiration was this.

Heh, props to Skottie Young.


Two trailers for Season 2 of The Gifted:



They should cast him as Hyperion




With the DCEU, I actually kind of hoped that the Amazons would end up to actually be a previous Kryptonian colony.

I know it makes it more like Supreme Power but it also connects everything a bit which seems to work better if you really are going to do these large sprawling universes in cinema. The MCU took a page from the Ultimates and connected everything to the Super Soldier program. I think connecting all DCU heroes to Krypton in some way similar to what Supreme Power did could work.


I think he’d make a great Captain America. Evans is leaving, but that doesn’t mean they can’t re-cast.

But I can’t imagine Cavill isn’t completely over superhero movies at this point.


I agree that would have been a cool way to take it. I initially thought that might be what they were setting up with the empty pod in Man Of Steel - did they ever return to that?


I think that was Supergirl in the tie-in comic.