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It can be two things!


I am disappointed that you apparently don’t have the picture that shows me as an actual Skrull caught on camera that someone (Ciaran?) photoshopped of my entirely human face in an attempt to destroy my reputation.


imcharliewenEarly eccentric Red Skull! Like Wacky Loki, I usually pushed in early versions to explore character before we settled on the story. He’s grandiose, and his mission is out of this world, which is why he even looks a bit alien here! *


I always care when canon from the 70s is ret-conned :disappointed:


I know I often have trouble recognising faces, but does this look like two different people?


It looks suspiciously to me like the same person from different angles.


The mountains turning into clouds is the big giveaway.

It’s like Paul Is Dead all over again.


It’s just me then? :frowning:


Nah there’s loads of you. :wink:


Sometimes I think I’m related to Lois Lane. I have a real problem in telling if two faces with a minor change is the same person :frowning:

Honestly, that looks like two different people to me.


David, I think we have just solved the biggest plot hole in history…


We all know that when David looks at those pictures of Captain Marvel, all he’s seeing is Supergirl.


Supergirl? Where? :heart_eyes:


Oh I though he meant he dresses up as a female reporter sometimes.


He can be two things!


He’s a hermaphrodite? TMI, TMI!





you mean this Piccolo :sunglasses:


Pfft. It’s been obvious forever. Both Dragon ball Z and Pokemon are Skrull plots.

Silly humans.